Burnout Paradise : "Some demo questions answered" answered some questions regarding the demo.

Check it out.

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bym051d4733d ago

I wish they'd have answered if the PS3 version will offer 1080i resolution scaling.

Quickedie4733d ago

Why does it lately matter so much, if a game supports 720 or 1080? (if p or i doesn't matter for video games)
The actual difference between both is barely visible to the human eye. I'm not even talking about the useless feature of upscaling(other than maybe providing native resolutions).
All I'm trying to say is that recent discussions if a game supports this or that res on this or that console are utter waste.

bym051d4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

Because some people have sets that don't support 720p. The difference in 720p and 480p is significant.

And no BS about being outdated or obsolete. The 360 supports scaling. Sony just dropped the ball. Most A/V gurus still say CRT RPTVs are superior to newer LCD/Plasma/LCoS/DLP sets.

To me it matters because I have a preorder on the PS3 version. If the PS3 version won't support 1080, I'll switch to the 360 version.

IGNFTW4733d ago


MK_Red4733d ago

So a great dev is actually taking time and aswering people's demo questions and you call it crying?

Quickedie4733d ago

I think it's a very good idea by the developers to allow players to ask questions and have them answered ingame to everyone. It probably helps to create a burnout community and gives the game some personality.
And please don't use CAPS, it doesn't improve your drivel.

MK_Red4733d ago

Good comment Quickedie and agreed. Bubbles for you :)

MK_Red4733d ago

Nice find. Good read. Specially the part about TDU, Crash mode and Retry.
I still miss old school Crash mode but new Showtime is also rather neat. As for lack of retry, they have a valid point. A "retry" option would have meant loading screen and the whole point of Burnout Paradise was to create a game without loading, menu checkings and such.

It's also stupid how some compare Paradise to Text Drive Unlimited. So every racing game with open world is like TDU? What about NFS: U2? Midnight Club series? They are not like TDU and so isn't Paradise.

Each of their worlds was created based on the type of game they are. Burnout is about arcade racing, crashes and stunts and none of those games come even close to these.

name4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

I guess I'll have to take some time off motorstorm to get on burnout. It's gonna be so weird racing on pavement. :(

Brainiac 84733d ago

So they better not lose them.

Very interesting article.

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