Capcom Went Through Hurdles to Release Rival School on PSN

Andriasang writes, "Classic Capcom PlayStation fighting game Rival Schools: United By Fate was released yesterday as a download on PSN's Game Archive service. According to Cacpom's retro games Twitter feed, in order to release the game in download form, Capcom had to get authorization from the various rights holders whose properties are used in the game."

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T3MPL3TON 3363d ago

Here's hoping this gets an NA/EU release. (I may have missed it in the store, so it could be there) I loved this game.

princejb1343363d ago

they should have released project justice instead, much more worth it

Adolph Fitler3363d ago

Actually T3MP, lets hope they remake this awesome classic using the SFIV engine.
This game was the best, most innovative fighting game Capcom made at the time. And in actual fact, I like it better than any SF to date, as well as MvsC.

Please release this PS1 classic in Australia, as well as remake it with SFIV graphics engine, with some new characters added & such.
Stop milking these poor, sad, SF fanboys with useless, overpriced, pointless new costumes & shoes & gloves....get & make a something of some worth to people too smart to buy every new set of Chun Li underwear for $5 a pop, & give us something of substance, like RSUBF on PSN for a decent price, & remake the game for today.

Hicken3363d ago

I don't think I want it on the SFIV engine. At least, not with that same look. It just seems... too heavy to fit Rivals Schools.

And dammit, if they do this, I'll have to go back on my word and give Capcom some of my money!

Tanir3362d ago

um adolph

the SF4 engine is not only the ugliest engine i've seen but the worst besides mortal kombat.

please, if there is gonna be the use of any previous engine it should be a slowed down version of Marvel vs capcom 3.

for one, rival schools is very anime so cell shaded works best, 2nd rival schools is fast, but ugly boring and slow like SF4.

but yeah i would love to just see a new rival schools if anything

Squatch833363d ago

Ooh possibly the best PS1 fighting game.