Top 5 Things 'Borderlands 2' Needs

Yahoo "In addition to the Gun Matrix, Gearbox Software's first-person shooter also introduced randomized enemy encounters, randomized loot, RPG leveling and more guns than anyone could shake a stick at. However, there were a few glaring problems with the original "Borderlands" that will hopefully get fixed in "Borderlands 2" and this top 5 list addresses them all."

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Neko_Mega3372d ago

All it really needs is support for modding on PS3/Xbox 360, that was fun making your character be able to hold over 8,000 items.

flyingmunky3372d ago

The '96.5% more wub wub' is more than sufficient to cover my gaming needs.

Siren303371d ago

The only thing borderlands 2 needs is me plaing it