5 Reasons It Pays Not to be an Early Adopter of the PS Vita

The PS Vita is out in most territories today, but should you hold off on buying it? Read on and find out.

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lugia 40002844d ago

I bought it and im pretty satisfied. If you have 250 euro to spend then this would be my first choice as a gamer.

Dante1122844d ago

Same here, the Vita is pretty damn worth it. I've been on all day, haven't had a hiccup or any dissatisfaction yet. I picked up Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma PLUS btw, lugia.

SilentNegotiator2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Yeah, it's great, but I'm happy to at least wait for a smaller design. I got an original PSP, and that thing was pretty big compared to following designs.

And I don't want to get bored of it. If it has a decent back-catalog of games when I buy it (I'll probably wait at least a year), I shouldn't.

Plus, some might want to wait for a price drop or 4G model.

Waiting on buying a new system is always a reasonable idea.

Solid_Snake372843d ago

@silentnegotiator you will be waiting for a few years then because unless there's something really wrong with the Vita hardware, Sony will not be doing any revisions on it anytime soon. They are not Apple.

Kamikaze1352844d ago

Congrats! That's great. I'm waiting for a few more games I'm interested in to come out before I purchase one. The system looks great so far.

dc12844d ago

Loving my Vita here in the states.

The games are great .. to many to play/enjoy.
By the way, cant wait for Unit 13 to drop on March 6th.

Leonex2843d ago

I met so many new friend's on NEAR...Same here loving it....

MastaMold2844d ago

My only reason for not having a PS Vita is because i'm broke :(

Rynx2843d ago

Lol me too! This will NOT happen to me on the PS4 launch, I will be there day 1 in line, cash in hand waving it in the air.

dgonza402843d ago

I share your pain :p
im also backlogged until what feels like the end of time :o

Jasmino9242842d ago

That's my problem too, which is why I included the value for money aspect in the list.

I think it's inevitable that they'll bring the price down, we might be waiting until the new year for it though.

FriedGoat2844d ago

You'll be buying it for MORE if you leave it late. Sony hardly ever drop prices and these pre-order deals were amazing. So unfortunately late adopters will be paying full price :(

Back to lumines, THIS THING IS AMAZING!

Jasmino9242842d ago

Didn't they end up dropping the price of the PS3 at E3 last year though?

I think they ended up dropping it by about $100...

Lumines, eh? I hear that Super Stardust Delta's pretty good as well!

FriedGoat2841d ago

Yeah they did, but how long has the PS3 been out for?

Marceles2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I'm having so much fun with my Vita and figuring out new things about it every half hour. I have my Twitter and Facebook apps, Netflix looks amazing on it...better than my BRAVIA tv, Uncharted and Rayman are two of the best looking handheld games I've ever laid eyes on, Lumines is just as addictive as it was for PSP, party chat, backgrounds for your account profile...the things this piece of hardware can do is incredible.

moparful992843d ago

I'm on my vita sooo much that I've run the battery down every single day.. I have 6 games all together on my vita and the only one I have finished is little deviants... Loving uncharted, hot shots, wipeout, and escape plan.. I need a bigger memory card though.. My 4 gig that came with the vita is already full :/

Saladfax2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Aside from the fact that my gaming backlog will probably be jammed up from now until Christmas of 2014, there's just a few things I'm willing to wait for when considering the purchase.

First off, the memory thing is pretty bogus. Triple price for same quality proprietary memory really stinks, so either price drop or cheaper 3rd party versions will make it a bit more appealing.

Second, the remote play feature is a pretty big selling point for me, so I'd like to see it get fleshed out a bit more. Supposedly it will be, but it sounds like it'll take some time.

Third, there's been just enough buzz about a possible price drop. None of it from Sony, of course, and obviously the company isn't known for prolific price-dropping. However, factors like the current economy and Sony's own financial trouble with other branches of the company might make them really want to push more units. Even 50 bucks less to the retail would probably do it just fine.

Until then, I'll keep chipping away at my backlog.

Jasmino9242842d ago

Couldn't agree more about the memory, it feels like they're punishing users for buying the console - considering that you *NEED* the memeory to be able to play the game.
I've read countless reports of retailers preparing for memory card price drops though - I can post a collection of deals on the site if you'd find that helpful?

It's almost guaranteed that they'll drop the price, they *have* to, this isn't a title that automatically appeals to everyone i.e core and casual gamers alike, so they'll definitely do it at some point to pick up some extra sales. That said, the financial situation of Sony right now means that we'll be waiting longer than usual.

salinidus2843d ago

if anyone is wondering what is included in box with the vita here is an unboxing vid that is freaking epic

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zeal0us2844d ago

Think I'll wait until after I pay some stuff off b4 I get the device.

Spitfire_Riggz2844d ago

Agreed, I'm just gonna be that "Frugal" gamer Sony wants to offer a sweeter deal too =)

tiffac0082843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

Nothing wrong with being frugal. Vita is a WANT after all and not a NEED, always prioritize what you need first. :)

Besides I almost went this route myself, then my hands overpowered my wallet when I saw the Vita with Uncharted:GA on the shelf. lol!

DarkBlood2844d ago

im going to wait purely on saving money wise *never thought id do something like that lol* and wait till at least resistance comes out or wait till a certain set of games i like are coming out that way i'll get them all at once

either way if i dont get it then i will get it on boxing day theres bound to be some kind of deal or temp price drop only on that day

bassically you get the idea with what im going with

helghast1022844d ago

I'll wait for 3 reasons.
1. Price, the price in the UK is ridiculous compared to the rest of the world, no thanks.
2. Games, this goes hand in hand with price, I'll pick one up when the system is cheaper and has a lot more good games.
3. Hardware redesigns/updates, self explanatory.

2844d ago
pain777pas2844d ago

Hardware redesigns etc.... Helghast102 seeing games you do not like is one thing and is understandable. However, this is the best dedicated gaming handheld hardware ever. There is no doubt about the quality of the device. Like I said though games is all that matters. I had passed on UMVC3 and I do not play competitively only to mess around so that was a no brainer. Now, I want everything. The system is awesome I want to play every game on this hardware because the nailed it. Sigma and GA are next. Then Lumines and Rayman.

Nakiro2844d ago

I love when they put lower price down the line as one of the reasons.
I mean isn't that common sense.

Also if that was the case, nobody would buy games when they come out and just wait till they go down to $20 or $30. Which I can understand but it is something I personally can't do because there are some games that are a must play on release. At least for me.

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