Destructoid- Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Review

Jim Sterling, Destructoid- Compared to some of the games that it has decided to price itself against, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance looks absolutely pitiful. Sitting this next to Uncharted, Army Corps of Hell or even Ubisoft's own Lumines, exposes Alliance for the cheap, nasty, outdated and outclassed little con job that it is. Expensive at a quarter of the price, this embarrassing waste of space has no business pretending to be a full retail game, and doesn't deserve to be on the PlayStation Vita.

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Ulf3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

I don't think highly of the price either, but that's NOT what a game review is supposed to be about.... so its a good game, but Destructoid has an issue with the price...

Was this a game review, or is Destructoid handling out financial advice to sad gamers who can't balance their bank accounts now?

Do cheap games get bonus points for being inexpensive? I've had way more fun with games like Super Stardust than I ever did with 8-9 rated full-priced games. Does it deserve an 11?

Stick to games and reviewing game quality, Jim Sterling. We can handle our own finances, thanks.

hellzsupernova3360d ago

agreed suspicious of this review, as all the review links below give it a better score. still not s great score but better, they are too hung up on the price.

shame about this game though this was one of the titles i was looking forward to most

Ulf3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

My main concern is... has price always biased Destructoid's reviews?

If so... lame. If not... what's the deal with the price complaints?

Skateboard3360d ago

I downloaded the Demo and it bore me to tears : /

gorebago3360d ago

imo the game should have been released on the psn for the vita. i'll buy it when its cheaper though.