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The media is already spouting doom and gloom for the PlayStation Vita. If only they had the device in their hands before they spoke. From the second you pick it up you can tell that the Vita is an impressive piece of hardware. Most notably, the stunning 5″ OLED screen. - PSLS

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MultiConsoleGamer3366d ago

You guys had me with the first line of this intro. There's a reason this is my favorite PS site.

darthv723366d ago

i would have been satisfied with a psp2 w/2 sticks but the vita is so much more than that. When it was first speculated, some of the things the vita has were pretty much a given.

dual sticks, camera, more memory, more power overall...

yet it was the inclusion of things people hadnt thought of that really put it over the top.

dual touch interface (front/back), bigger and better OLED screen, 3g/gps....

If this unit doesnt sell as well as or better than the original PSP then it will just prove that portable entertainment has gone completely limp.

ceedubya93366d ago

Great portable device. May not be the thing for the casual, but a steady string of quality games and aps should keep this thing going strong for the core audience. Money well spent.

dbjj120883366d ago

Just got mine in the mail! Love it

NukaCola3366d ago

I love this system. I am actually on n4g on my Vita web browser
right now. It's such a beast. And oh boy its so gorgeously beautiful. The screen is breathtaking.

Knight_Cid3366d ago

The site actually praised the psp and the 3ds. This is a good article

gameforall3366d ago

Got my 3G earlier today, and as a test ask someone to send a text message to my Vita 3G number and it worked. Now to find a way to text back

negroguy3366d ago

O I didnt know the Vita had its own number for text messages. Are you able to link your it to your cell phone number so you can receive texts on both devices?

gameforall3366d ago

Not sure, but my Vodafone card has a number, which the text message was sent to. The was no way to send a reply or any message out over the Vita's 3G number.

Someone should create an App that will allow the Vita to send messages to phones

stunkilla3366d ago

wait what do u mean text? i got a 3G too and i luv if u told me hhow ur friend text u!

gameforall3366d ago

The Vodafone card I have came with a mobile number
If the SIM packaging does not have it writing down, the number can be found by going to

Settings > Network > Mobile Network Settings > Notices from Operator.

The should be a message from your provider with the number. Just get someone to send the text to that number.

Goozex3366d ago

Got mine frmamazon TODAY! So excited!

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