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Nave360's Charlie writes:

"Originally announced as the NGP, the PS Vita has finally been released in Europe and the United States. It’s quite hard to believe that it was nearly 3 years ago that first reports of a possible new handheld from Sony began. Feels just like yesterday to be honest. And now that it’s here, just what will the PS Vita become? Well that’s a whole 5-10 years away, so let’s look at what it is now. Please note that is is a review just on the handheld and some of it’s accessories, not the games. Those reviews will come out in due course. This review is also for the 3G/Wi-Fi version, though there isn’t a massive different between the two."

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ape0073366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

I cannot think of a more well rounded handheld than the vita, i hope it succeed cause i heard sony is dealing with troubles with profits and things

Go Vita

f7897903366d ago

I'm going to buy mine right now. I HAVE to support a portable console made this well (besides the crappy internet browser).

fluffydelusions3366d ago

The profit issue is not from the playstation division but mostly TV. Also the earthquake caused a lot of problems financially.

dc13366d ago

By the way, please download Unit13 when you get a chance. It absolutely is a wonderful (Mass Effect style) fully integrated 3rd person modern day shooter.

Very intuitive front screen touch features. It really impressed me ...cant believe that no one is talking about it.

ThanatosDMC3366d ago

Clicked on the link but no article?! Wth?

V0LT3366d ago

Just picked mine up.. Really loving the screen size :)

fluffydelusions3366d ago

Same. Watching netflix is awesome on this thimg.

dc13366d ago

Check out the Unit13 demo when you have a chance.
I'm absolutely loving it. I just played the fireworks game with my kids and will be downloading the escape plan tonight.

Summons753366d ago

had mine since this morning, find myself having to force myself to put it down to get things done lol

aaaaqqqqq3366d ago

it's just funny to see ratings of a console, especially it may get a game rated higher than its console...

Kran3366d ago

I know, hence why I found it awkward to review it. But you got to remember you're reviewing the software, hardware and appearance mostly. Oh and its price.