Battlefield 3 Community Threatens Blackout, Says This Could Be the Last Straw

“We want the EA community management to give back control to DICE Community Management, more transparency in the way that the game developer communicates with the community.I’m in touch with my friends at DICE all day. They can’t talk about it. Community sites get no official news or communications," Battlefieldo's Cory Niblett tells DualShockers in an exclusive interview.

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AstroZombie13363d ago

So we should it's easier to get info from governments than it is from DICE.

mugoldeneagle033363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

All of these developers have ZERO say in anything PR wise post launch of their title.

Need proof? Head on over to the SOCOM forums. Since the series has gone to complete shit (Coming from the biggest SOCOM fan alive) I used to spend a lot of time on the community forums looking for patch updates, reasons why X wasn't in the game, anything. And more so with S4 (which was terrible)

The Zipper community manager (Roeper, awesome guy) responded probably 7-8 times a day to people and the answer was always, and I do mean always, "I really wish we could talk about it but I can't until they let me".

They obviously being Sony...So this isn't anything new, and I wouldn't blame DICE at all. I'm sure if they could they would.

EDIT: Also don't mean to nag either but the headline is kind of misleading. Should change it to *fan-made community site or something

da_2pacalypse3363d ago

EA has literally crapped on every single good developer I've ever liked. I HATE YOU. You poop on EVERYTHING!!! WHODAFK POOPS ON EVERYTHING?!?!?!

Ch1d0r13363d ago

Sorry for your misfortune. The beta was fun, but never got around to purchasing S4. I wished more people played MAG, its a hell of a game.

Hopefully SONY figured things out by the lack of sales.

LX-General-Kaos3363d ago

It looks as if things are getting serious in the streets at EA HQ

Trey_4_life3363d ago Show
Ch1d0r13363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

Ive been in for the past 3 months. BC2 was the better game. Something about BF3 just doesn't get me.

1. The maps are too big, if you play on PC its no problem.
2. How about some snow maps?
3. TDM sucks, horrible spawn points.
4. Ill repeat myself, BC2 was/is better.

Another thing that sucked was limiting the Limited Edition. Thanks now i have to pay for some stupid maps that should be free. Wish DICE had full control.

3363d ago
Megaton3363d ago

EA is definitely very iron-fisted about making their devs keep to themselves. On the BioWare forums their people rarely stray off the PR sheets. It took an outside contractor working for EA to explain away a lot of everybody's concerns over Origin. Dude was posting all day, replying to everyone, and he even got banned for it until BioWare staff were able to confirm he was a contracted EA dev.

tigertron3363d ago

I will say Bioware aren't very good at communicating with their fans on the Bioware Social forums. They're pretty terrible at that.

The only good thing I've seen is the ME Twitter page.

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