A plot analysis of the Modern Warfare trilogy: Part 1 – Illusions of grandeur

"In Modern Warfare 2, civilians are slaughtered in a Russian airport, the U.S. Eastern Seaboard is ravaged by a Russian invasion, and The Capitol and The White House burn. In Modern Warfare 3, the Russian president’s plane is shot down on the way to a peace conference, Europe is struck by toxic attacks and then invaded by Russia, and the Eiffel Tower is brought crashing down. Contrast this to the first Modern Warfare where the “only” real massive event was the nuke exploding in some unidentified Middle-Eastern city. It kept a constant fast pace, but it didn’t become nonsensical in the process.

In this first part of an analysis of the trilogy, I’ll focus on all the reasonable things that Modern Warfare did, because it did contain elements that could have elevated the plot beyond the entertaining but shallow waters of Bond-writing."

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