Some great tips to get started with your Vita.

The Vita is finally here after much anticipation over at Objective Reviewers. We have a lot of reviews in the works for you guys so sit tight they’ll be up in the next few days. For now I have made a list of little secrets and short cuts I’ve found with the PS Vita, and would like to share them with all of you. Click past the break to find out a few things you may or may not know your Vita is capable of.

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archemides5183370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

HOLY CRAP it was hard to sign up for the att 3g plan and get the free extras, sony official instructions (both in print and online) were TOTALLY wrong. you have to buy the plan first, then REBUY another plan, but then the promo coupon option will be there and it'll charge 0. opposed to what they say, there will be no promo option on the first try. hopefully my stardust code will come in the email in 30 days...