Asura's Wrath Review (PlanetXbox360)

With over-the-top storytelling and action packed cut scenes, developer Cyberconnect2 (.Hack and Naruto Ultimate Ninja) aimed for the moon with Asura’s Wrath. From a cinematic approach they completely nailed it, creating an original product that was influenced by their other works but different enough to stand on its own. Unfortunately, their grand vision to tell a story was not matched in scope to create a compelling game, with most of the player’s interaction in Asura seeming like an afterthought.

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UltimaEnder3363d ago

Will be passing on this now...

Trenta273363d ago

Don't listen to that website. It's crap. The game is actually really good. Check the other reviews out there.

Crystallis3363d ago

Correct! the way the story is told is really good. The gameplay is not great im afraid but the story is exceptional.