The PlayStation Vita will not survive in Australia

The PlayStation Vita will be dead on arrival in Australia. The country's three biggest retailers have revealed that they have no intent to stock the device, leading Bitmob Community Writer Tristan Damen to believe that it will share a similar fate to that of the PSPgo.

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Snookies123370d ago

Stupid retailers over there... Obviously they wouldn't know a great device if it smacked them in the face. (Not hating on Australians at all by the way! I'm just calling whatever retailers who didn't get these completely idiotic.)

ShadowPraxis3370d ago

Still remains to be seen how well it'll fly elsewhere. Sony's taking a hell of a risk, but it's a neat piece of kit. Load times still seem long, but the bit I played with one the other day was nice.

fluffydelusions3370d ago

load times? Seem fine to me with FIFA and HSG anyway. On par with PS3 anyway if not better.

darthv723370d ago

a dingo ate their vita and they dont want to see other vita's get eaten as well.

morganfell3370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )

The the retailers are shooting themselves. People are going to want this thing.

I think the issue they have is the ease of downloading all titles. There isn't a great deal of incentive to buy the retail version. You get a small card in a box. That's it. I bought 4 retail games. My other 6 Vita games, 1 demo, 3 apps, and several PSP titles all were digital downloads. No lines, nothing sold out. And no money to a retailer.

But publishing an article with that title? Oh wait, Bitmob. Another website that will have to do some heavy editing to cover another erred, hit tactic prediction.

jujubee883370d ago

The PS VITA pretty much just launched in three different continents. I would think Sony would eventually work with retailers in AU because the PS3 has sold really well there and much of their strategy to market the PS VITA is to aim it at PS3 owners.

360GamerFG3370d ago

Yeah it's got nothing to do with shortages. SONY wouldn't give their "limited" stock to smaller retailers first and snub the 3 biggest retailers, that would be pure marketing stupidity.

sikbeta3370d ago

AU retailers don't want it because they don't get any cent of every system they'd probably sell and also there is a fact that PSP didn't do good over there, so if things are going to repeat themselves again, they don't want to risk a bit on Vita

IaussieGamer3370d ago

don't believe this crap article mate the first shipment of vitas has been sold out and even the second is close to sold out. Vita sales in Australia are doing just fine.

Snookies123370d ago

Well that's good to hear, the Vita is a great piece of hardware, it really does deserve to get a good amount of sales.

Solid_Snake373370d ago (Edited 3370d ago )


Hes got an Australian accent, do you want more proof?!

IaussieGamer3370d ago

ROFL another fail article. If its such a failure in australia why is it that all stores are sold out of their first shipments and even the second shipments are mostly sold out. Geez some of these articles are obviously written by people with no facts at all.

Majin-vegeta3370d ago

The hate for Sony is outstanding-___-.

tee_bag2423370d ago

Gotta hate all these anti Sony articles making it sound like the PS3, Vita etc doesn't sell anywhere. This gens gaming media is saturated in propaganda.

3370d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.