Dealing with Video Game Addiction. What Is It Like?

GameDynamo - "I have a friend. We'll call him John. John takes gaming... rather more serious than most. He eats, sleeps, and breathes videogames; he lives for them. About a year ago, we introduced him to League of Legends. In hindsight, that was probably a mistake."

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Tdmd2483d ago (Edited 2483d ago )

Very nice article, I can relate to it a bit too much, I'm afraid. I don't have hygiene problems (even because I'm a little obsessed with hygiene), but I do find very hard to keep doing my regular exercises at gym (or even at home) and to study for it diminish my "gaming time". And even though I'm perfectly aware of how ridiculous this sounds, I just can't help but think this way. I'm in control of it (kind of), since I'm still exercising everyday regularly and I'm in a good shape, but I must admit that it probably wouldn't be the case if I weren't in an serious relationship. At least, it wasn’t before I was in this relationship. You see, when you start dating someone you really like you also start to give your gaming a rest – and it doesn’t feels bad or as if you’re missing something out, and as time goes by, you start to find easier and easier to shorten your playtime. Still, I’m not as much in control of it as I’d like to be, as I still do trade sleep for gaming more often than not; I still get obsessed with a new game when I first start playing it; and to add one more point into the writer’s list: I still spend more money than I could at games that I don’t even sit down to play due to lack of time (or even interest!). And yes, I DO have a mixed feeling about my habit: it’s hard to stop for I love it and I’ve been doing it forever. Yet, I always feel healthier when I’m giving gaming a long break.

Some people just have a tendency to addiction, and for those, gaming can be a very dangerous hobby.