Assassins Creed Revelations - The Lost Archive DLC Trailer

Trailer for new Assassins Crees Revelations Singleplayer DLC

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Furesis3361d ago

looks like it's going to be first person mission i did not like those missions so i think i'll pass on this one

Ness-Psi3361d ago

yeah i thought those first person levels where the worst part of revelations...

fragnificent3361d ago

looks like it fills in more of desmonds story before the new one, looks cool :)

-Gespenst-3361d ago

Eh, I'm pretty sure it has more to do with Subject 16, or "Klay". Did you watch the trailer?

fragnificent3361d ago

ye lol, I was referring to his story as a whole.
And the parts involving Lucy as she has the blood stain where Desmond stabbed her.

-Gespenst-3361d ago

Agh, those first person parts kind of suck in terms of gameplay. I'll still get this for the story though. Also some of the level design looks a lot more interesting.