Does Skyrim really deserve the praise it’s received? – Why Skyrim is a Stormcloak in a Teacup

Mariel Hurd on why Skyrim doesn't live up to its potential when it comes to world design and writing.

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ArchangelMike3361d ago

Meh... don't bother with the article. Whiny author who misses the whole point of the game and it's narrative styling.

I would ask the author to suggest any two open world RPG's that does story and design - within an open world setting, BETTER than Skyrim. Specifically addressing the points of meta narrative consequences, as well as the other lame points the author makes in the article.

NeoTribe3361d ago

Skyrim was awesome. Get over it already.

Capt-FuzzyPants3361d ago

Yea but the story sucked. It had great quantity but the quality wasn't all that great. I want to care about the characters and the world. Skyrim could not get me to care about anyone or anything in the game.

digitalkid3361d ago

Yeap, and the story was awesome too. No bad guys, no goods guys, each action depends on your own moral, point of view and character alignment. And each side had it's reasons, even Alduin. It's a very solid story so rare for fantasy genre.


And idea of inner succession war between old power of Alduin and new way of Parthurnax was brilliant. They just used me!))

telekineticmantis3361d ago

The melee, nor the story. You could almost describe this game as the Sims Medevil, with alot of flower picking and collecting stuff.