PS Vita: Namco Bandai Details Their Launch Lineup

It’s a big day for gaming with the launch of the PlayStation®Vita, and NAMCO BANDAI Games are right there at launch with three great games to get fingers flying in all directions over the console’s multi-touch controls.

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MGRogue20172525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Avoid Ridge Racer PS Vita at all costs! It's not worth it. At least not until they get their sh*t together & ditch the DLC bullsh*t.. only 3 tracks & 5 cars.. and no "world tour" mode.. wtf is that all about??

In the mean-time.. Just pick up another racing title like WipEout 2048 or Asphalt: Injection. Both of those pack enough content to actually be called video games.. unlike Ridge Racer PS Vita.. that isn't even a game, it's like an experiment to see if they can rip-off their die-hard RR fans with some cheap new dlc.. garbage. It's like buying an almost empty can of coca-cola with only a quarter of coca-cola in it & then having to buy extra capsules in order to fill it then so that you can drink it more thoroughly.. total bs..