MW3 - Bowling Wants to Give You Classic Maps for Free, "Keep it Outside the DLC Model"

MP1st - Infinity Ward Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling, comments on the design philosophy of the recently released content drop, Overwatch, and gives fans a glimpse into what direction the team is headed in when it comes to future MW3 DLC. It’s safe to say many will love what Bowling has to say on the subject of free content.

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Hufandpuf3360d ago

In order for Bowling to do that, he'll have to go through Activision. And I doubt they'll let him.

Criminal3360d ago

I respect what Bowling is trying to do, but like hupandpuf said, he needs Activision's approval. I don't think goodwill is on their to-do list.

kparks3358d ago

I hope so cuz every map in the game now is garbage and the shading is crap. I want to c highrise favela and other classic maps

Megaton3360d ago

And Microsoft. They've forced Epic and Valve to charge for content, and they're just the ones who spoke out about it. They're not too fond of "free" on XBL.

grahf3360d ago

Its just words at this point. Good one, and a nice sentiment, but still just words. If IW/Activison are able to put their money where fourzerotwo's mouth is, then I think they might be able to make an impact, on sales of MW3 (if that is possible!) and into the new game in November. Free Classic DLC? Just take it out of the advertising budget!

On the paid DLC front, I'm pretty happy with Overwatch. I was worried after Liberation (hate), and Piazza (meh), but this one is fun! Still need to fix spawn points. Not fun to spawn directly at the bottom of the stairs when a team has their sights straight down...

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Kingdom Come3360d ago

But not as much as Activision wants money for them...

Oschino19073360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

I hope Bowling is around for a while if he really stands by what he said in the interview. I have discussed with friends recently ideas like these especially with ELITE around now. They could take a break for year or so with each COD to get ready for next gen and support MW3 and BO2 with free content and DLC along with some other stuff for premium subscribers to add life to the game and continue to drive sales well after the hot release time periods.

It would bring faith back to those in the community starting to seriously question COD and Acti while also show goodwill and respect for those still loyal to the franchise. They have the money already and will still make plenty with future sales of MW3 and the upcomming BO2 and ELITE subscribers. It would be a perfect way to transition while staying relevant and on top of its genre.

h311rais3r3360d ago

Too bad they'll make u need to subscribe for it anyway...

FalconR2893360d ago

If shipment where to return I don't see it working all that well because of the custom killstreaks unless you have classic killstreaks 3,5,7 then it could work. I like the idea but I don't think I would happen because activison is a money hungry whore nowadays.

Hufandpuf3360d ago

I highly doubt MW3 would work on MW1 maps even without killstreaks.

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The story is too old to be commented.