Has Saints Row Abandoned its Roots?

With the recent release of Saints Row: The Third, fans of the series couldn’t help but realize a change in the way the game was presented. The sole aspect of Saints Row: The Third is comedy. The once comedic yet hardcore gangster game is now full of jokes, gags, strange weapons, and crazy characters. A series that so well focused on street life has now turned its attention to gimmick groups that call themselves crime rings and a phony playable movie. With what Saints Row: The Third had to offer, I see that the game has turned its back on the series true fans and promoted it the way were they would see the most sells. After all who cares about their true fans when they can makes some extra cash… right?...

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TheSuperior 3366d ago

Saints row has left all that is was behind... As a die hard fan its sad to me and i hope for so much more for the next game.

DaveMan3366d ago

left what behind. No offense, but the first 2 games were nothing more than gta inspired rip offs. Nothing did Saints Row do that other open world games like gta and true crime hadn't done better.

With Saints Row 3 they found there niche. GTA has seemingly abandoned that silly, do anything that you want sandbox approach, and it's truly refreshing to see Saints Row 3 capture that back.

Slapping people with dildos, driving 100mph on a hoverbike, jumping out of a parachute from a jet seconds before colliding into a building. Juevnile? Yeah, very. But at the same time all the sillyness reminded me why I loved video games in the first place.

Saints Row being non silly equates to nearly every other open world game out there. Saints Row being over the top in every single aspect is something that no open world game does today.

TheSuperior 3366d ago

Yeah true but the first two werent rip offs of GTA. they were both unique games with their own ups and downs. the only thing im saying is Saints Row used to have more to it then what they brought in SR3. Its always been over the top and thats great but it now seems like they are trying way too hard to impress when ive always been a fan.

-EvoAnubis-3366d ago

I agree with DaveMan 100% All it was before was a GTA rip-off. With SR3, yeah, it finally left that behind and started to become it's own game. Which is why it's the first SR game that I actually liked.

ape0073366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )


i got what u mean, but gta was never as silly as sr3, not even close, it was a mix of crazy things with some maturity

Tanir3366d ago

I agree with Daveman

i hated the first 2 games, they WERE just gta rip offs and SR3 is AMAZING, i adore the direction they are taking with the series and can't wait for more.

and to Ape007,

your wrong, gta used to feature electric guns, running over elvis's and driving on roof tops, if anything gta has lost its roots

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abombletap3366d ago

i cant take this game seriously at all. its only for shits and giggles. i see no replay value in it anymore.

TheSuperior 3366d ago

Thats what im talking about nothing replayable about it you laugh once and that it. The old games at least had a reason to love and reply them. now its all messed up with funny. you laugh once and its over. plus they took out the multiplayer which had a die hard fan base.

LX-General-Kaos3366d ago

The game is made by THQ. Going into your purchase you should have already known there wouldnt be much there.

DaveMan3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )


No they weren't. Did they do some unique things? Sure, the narrative in terms of gangs and stuff is interesting...but the narrative was always shitty.

The only thing I don't like is the lack of customization options in saints row 3.... The Superior I'm sort of puzzled as to what you miss so much from the previous games? I brushed through the narratives for both games...again the narratives where interesting for one time but that's all. All the times I played Saints Row was purely to roam around and cause mayhem and have fun. Saints Row 3 accomplishes this. I'm good.

Replay them? For the narrative? Seriously? Are you standards that low? Maybe some of the missions were a tad more intersting... I would agree. But let's not fool ourseleves. RDR had a brilliant narrative, that was emotional and heartfelt. Saints Row is a generic gangster tale was horribly written script and narrative.

vortis3366d ago

You hit the nail on the head.

Saints Row games have always been about juvenile stupidity and I loathed the "main character" even though he/she was a created character...utterly reprehensible.

I think I see TheSuperior's point but at the same time everyone else makes the right call in saying Saints Row 3 is not even remotely similar to GTA anymore.

For me, the first two games were like terrible versions of True Crime: Streets of LA (not that awful Streets of NY) but a lot less fun and less RPG'y and had less over-the-top action. The third game sort of aims to create its own comedic open-world sub-niche and while I don't like it, it seems to work for the series.

The Saints Row games were waaaay too easy for my taste and the only fun part was customization.

dazreah3366d ago

Well if it has then great as this game is a blast, its over the top and the coop is a right laugh.

ape0073366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

saints row the third is a pretty damn good game great time, great fun i had with it, looking forward to gangstars in space DLC but it not as good as it should have been, it left a bitter taste in my mouth, especially the Genki bowl DLC and sometimes it feels pretty silly

comparing it with gta 4, well, saints row the third have much more things to do than gta 4, sr 3 is crazier than gta 4, BUT in terms of game quality, gameplay quality, graphics, art, atmosphere, city design, settings, characters, story, attention to detail, physics, weather effects, car handling, car physics, sound quality, main character, voice acting, radio stations and overall feel/personality, nothing comes close to grand theft auto IV

I give sr3....8.5-8.8

gta 4....9.5-9.6

Fatty3366d ago

I disagree. The first two SRs had interesting storylines (and I really enjoyed the semi-twist ending of the first game), but they were already getting pretty nuts with SR2. Volition just went full-out crazy in SR3 and I thought it was a refreshing change from so many other games that try and make themselves incredibly serious at the cost of fun.

I can do without another stereotypical gangster rags-to-riches storyline. Give me something unique like SR3.

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