The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 Enhanced Edition Teaser #2

The second teaser has been released today for The Witcher 2 Xbox 360 Enhanced Edition

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cstyle3363d ago

Nice exclusive for xbox360.

Hufandpuf3363d ago

I've been wishing for it since to was on PC. Day one for me

Dread3363d ago

I dont want to start anything, but I am curious. Can a computer gamer explain if the xbox enhanced edition is going to play and look better than the pc version. Is it going to be a better game due to its additional content?

In other words should i pick this up for the pc or for the xbox?

pr0digyZA3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

If you have a computer than can run it at a high graphics setting then get it there as there are some graphic options that are not available on 360 (eg ubersampling, higher resolutions,etc...). As for the playing you can use a controller or keyboard so that would be to preference. Additional content on the 360 version is being launched on the PC version for free on the same day.

However if you don't have a great computer then get it on 360, it's definately a game worth playing :)

Crystallis3363d ago

I want to play this so bad. I'm just going to hold out a little longer and hope its released on the ps3 in the future.

crazypicklemonkey3363d ago

it may release on ps3 but if not there is always a 4gb 360 pretty cheap.