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XiaoSet2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Can't send information, network error has occured every time.

EDIT: Had to run the .exe as admin then it worked.

FlashXIII2846d ago

Was just about to post on here mentioning you need to run as admin.. not a great start imho I wonder how many people will not realize this? I guess they want more technically competent people testing their games though.

maawdawg2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Thanks, that worked for me as well. Now to sit back and hope I get in.

+ bubbles for helpful to you!

arnyftw2846d ago

Signed up, never played a MMO before but I wanted to try this out.

kamolahy2846d ago

That trick won't work for me. Still getting the errors.

dazreah2846d ago

Signed up, just hope i get in looks great!!

mafiahajeri2846d ago

I hate MMOS but this one looks different looks really good.

Faelan2846d ago

Signed up some 45 min ago without a problem. Got confirmation E-mail some 15 min later.

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