Unofficial Skyrim Patch promises to fix one hell of bugs/issues; beta might come this weekend

DSOGaming writes: "You gotta love modders. Skyrim is full of bugs and issues, there is no denying that, and we’re pretty sure that Bethesda won’t be able to fix most of them. And since the company won’t address them, who will? That’s right. The modders. Kivan is currently developing an unofficial patch to fix the vast amount of bugs currently existing in Skyrim. The list is huge and can be easily compared with the ‘Unofficial Overhaul Patch’ that was released for Gothic 3 by its community. Oh, and Lydia can now be married. Hooray!"

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Emilio_Estevez3364d ago

That is a ridiculously long changelog

Voxelman3363d ago

And this is why you buy Bethesda games on PC

lastdual3363d ago

Lots of good fixes. Bethesda should really look at these and other "fix" mods (such as the mods that fix nirnroot glow stacking and multiple Louis Letrush clones hanging out in front of Whiterun) and incorporate them into the next console patch.

Mods like these really do make the PC version of Skyrim a far more polished game.

john23363d ago

I really hope that Bethesda will pay attention and implement these in an official patch. However, I don't think that it will happen.

As Voxelman said, that's why you buy this kind of games (that offer mod support) on the PC

pandehz3363d ago

WOW if the modders can make it happen i'll buy the patch from them

Khronikos3361d ago

No crap they deserve to be paid for this. Beth seriously needs to get some environment testers or something it's crazy this game ever gets by QA if they even have that for this game. This is why I buy these games on PC AFTER the GOTY comes out because it simply is not worth it in the beginning imo.