New Borderlands 2 video with release date, siren info, new class

BatRastered's Trailer Breakdown: Borderlands 2 kicks off a new era of Shoot and Loot on September 18th in the US and September 21st Internationally! breaks down the new Siren's skill tree. Ninjas?

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ElasticLove2433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Awesome trailer. Wonder if Zero is the new sniper class for the game. if so, I'll be all over this character just like Mordecai in the first one.

rdgneoz32433d ago

Seeing how he was charging in with a sword, not sure if he's gonna be long range. He seems with the pistol like he'd be medium to short range, since the soldier seems to be similar to what it was, the siren doesn't really seem melee since he can restrain enemies and heal / revive allies, and the gunzerker isn't the in your face melee bashing brute like the berserker was. Zero seems like he'd end up filling that occasional melee / up close damage spot that we're missing from the first game.

Panzerkanzler2433d ago

Borderlands is one of my most loved games. The DLC for the first one offered EXCELLENT value and I find the subtle humour and many references of the original game very entertaining. This will be THE game to play with friends. I'm getting this day 1 for sure.

NeoTribe2433d ago

Most anticipated game for me this year.