Mass Effect 3: Spans 2 Xbox 360 DVDs, Reversible Female Shepard Cover

EA & Bioware’s Mass Effect 3 will be hitting retail shelves in just a couple short weeks & today Bioware shared that Mass Effect 3 will span two Xbox 360 DVDs & feature a reversible cover.

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LX-General-Kaos2525d ago

we all knew it would span 2 dvds just as the last one did. but the reversible cover is a nice little idea.

maniacmayhem2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

Day 1 buy from me. Wouldn't care if it was on 4 discs.

the most epic game this Gen.

tigertron2525d ago

I'm liking the reversible femshep cover. I'm getting the CE though, so I hope they'll show us a CE unboxing video shortly.

IM_KINECTED2525d ago

Considering Mass Effect 2 was on two disks, this isn't a surprise. If I remember right, you only had to swap the disk the one time and it was pretty fast and painless.

I like the reversible cover though, that is pretty sweet for sure.

FrightfulActions2525d ago

Not too sure if the CE will have a reversible cover though. Last I checked, it's cover is a giant N7. Though it comes in a collector tin with both genders of Shepard on it, so. Guess it compensates. Won't know for sure till I receive my preorder. Hurry up March.

MasterD9192525d ago

CE is definitely the way to go. I would almost prefer an awesome N7 cover on the CE version over the standard cover.

FrightfulActions2524d ago

I have to agree there, really. Not so much because I don't like the default cover, but because my Shepard is customized. As in, he doesn't look like default Shepard. So to me it's more like "Who is this guy wearing Shepard's armor on the cover? Bloody fanboys..." The CE cover solves that by not showing the Commander.

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