PS3 and Vita are 'each other's best accessories,' says UK PlayStation boss

Sony Computer Entertainment UK managing director Fergal Gara has suggested that cross-platform play between PS3 and Vita will become a major focus for the platform holder in due course.

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paddystan2845d ago

Got my Vita yesterday with a couple of games. One of the best handheld devices I have ever used. :D

OmegaSaiyanX2845d ago

Way to look at it is Sony finally released party chat on the PS3...Kinda...You just have to spend another £200+ for the upgrade lool joking!

However if you got a PS3 and a Vita you can then at least party chat with friends via the Vita whilst playing on the PS3 I guess :-)

tigertron2845d ago

Make that...PS4. I can picture the PS4 and the Vita side by side. *Drools*

bahabeast2845d ago

ps3 and ps4 will both love vita

i onli have one of the above :(

Captain Tuttle2845d ago

If Sony REALLY follows through with this it will make the Vita an incredibly alluring product.

But no half measures or compromises, they have to go all out. And sooner rather than later.