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The early 90′s arcade hit WWE WrestleFest has been remade in HD using the current WWE roster, and was released on iOS the other day for for $2.99. THQ is also developing the title for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and those versions will be available sometime in the first quarter of 2012. I’m definitely enjoying this trend of arcade revivals, with The Simpsons Arcade and X-Men Arcade re-released already.

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optimus3360d ago

Sweet, this was one of my favorite wrestling games of all time... Hope they have the old version as an unlockable as i prefer that roster than the updated one.

MetalArcade3359d ago

That would be awesome, but I think the whole reason they had to update it is because they don't own the rights to those likenesses anymore.

optimus3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

are you sure about that? Vince owns the right to every foot that stepped into that ring from the very beginning which is why a lot of wrestlers ended up leaving...i think the more likelyhood is that most of the wrestlers from those days are either dead or irrelevant and it wouldn't sell very well to today's crowd. (they did manage to keep a few from the screen shots i saw)... i'm just wondering who they have replacing the legion of doom as the final match in the game. (i pray that it's not john cena and hunter).

MetalArcade3352d ago

I've played this game for iPhone,it's pretty damn fun