Top Ten Skyrim Mods

PixlBit | The Elders Scrolls series has always been known for their lively modding community, and Skyrim is no different. Now a few weeks after the release of the creation kit we’re starting to see some amazing mods that add new challenges, content, and a few laughs.

With so many to choose from, we decided to collect our top ten favorites so. We've also included some links so that you can implement them in your own games. Let us know what you think and feel free to share any that we haven't included.

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Amazingmrbrock3369d ago

I really like this bump mesh texture mod that rounds out all the earth rocks and water in the game. Looks beautiful. Not much of a performance hit at all. Then I have the hd weapon and armour packs.

I'm a sucker for the graphics mods but what I really want is a mod that makes the world more immersive so that it feels like your actions have effects.

Wall81883369d ago

If your looking for something like that make sure to try out the Sounds of Skyrim does wonders for immersion.