PS Vita: Retailers Game, HMV & Amazon On Sony's Console Launch

NowGamer: "We speak to three major retailers on Sony's PS Vita and how the new handheld might impact the industry.

To celebrate the PS Vita launching in the UK, NowGamer asked three major retailers how big an impact the handhheld would make. Here’s what Anna-Marie Mason at Game Group, Liz Hosmer, manager of video games at Ltd and HMV’s Head of Press & PR, Gennaro Castaldo had to say..."

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fastrez3367d ago

The shops near me are charging extortionate prices for PS Vita bundles today, and they don't have all of the stock in. It's a shame, but I'll just buy online instead. Sign of the times unfortunately.

Blaine3366d ago

Sounds to me like the retailers are bringing it upon themselves. Your first choice was to buy it in store, and *they* drove you to the web by their extortionate practices. They had you and lost you. Their fault, not the times'!

guitar_nerd_233366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

All the brick and mortor retailers I looked at had rubbish bundles to offer, I'm suprised anyone would have gone to them over Amazon or Play.

I managed a Wifi Vita, 16gb Card and Wipeout 2048 for £233- which I thought was pretty damn good going (that was thanks to a £50 off when you spend £200 voucher and a little staff discount on game/memory. )

Can anyone beat my deal? :P

3dawg3366d ago

i got a wifi only, uncharted, vita in ear headsets, screen protector, 4gb memory and a case for 307us dollars thats £195 based on google.

guitar_nerd_233366d ago


Ahh thats cheating, it's cheaper for you guys in the USA anyway!

Great deal though.

SilentNegotiator3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

I stole one! :)

Can anyone beat that? lol

chasegarcia3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

my ps3 broke years ago and I just bought a new 51" plasma.

should I get another ps3? or just get new a vita? decisions decisions....I was also thinking of just waiting for the Wii U.

PimpDaddy3366d ago

If you want to use your Plasma TV then get a PS3. If you plan on gaming outside of your home the majority of the time then get a Vita.

I'm waiting to till the Vita drops to $200.00 and the memory prices come down to buy mine.

Freshnikes3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

Your gonna be waiting a long time $250 is real cheap, Sony ain't dropping the price on this thing for at least a year... Ps vita is truelly amazing haven't turned on my ps3 in 2 days..and don't plan on turning it on anytime soon...

Ps vita...$250

IPad......$500(all I use it for is to surf the Webb)

PimpDaddy3365d ago

I don't think I'll have to wait even a year for it to drop down to $200.00

There is no way the Vita will continue to sell at their current price points. The 3DS couldn't maintain any sort of sales pace at $250.00 so neither will the Vita. I say this because the 3DS is more popular than the Vita and appeals to a much larger audience.

You might have a few million early/hardcore adopters that are willing to pay full price and then sales will slow to a crawl and force Sony to react in order to increase market share. The same thing happened when the PS3 was $600.00 They had to drop the price 9 months after launch because sales were so stagnant.

gk073366d ago

Still thinking about getting one,dam high priced ass memory cards ,and the games ain't really calling my name

Drekken3366d ago

Don't worry. Call of Dookie will be out soon enough.

josephayal3366d ago

The 3G Bundle is a deal, 8gb card, free month internet, better system, gps etc etc over $200 for just $50 extras