PS Vita price cut 'not on our radar,' says Sony UK

3DS required a hefty price cut only six months after launch to help drive sales, but Sony says a price drop for the just launched, £230 PS Vita is "not currently" on its radar.

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LOGICWINS3362d ago

Of course not. Sony needs to see how well(or how poorly) Vita sells before even considering the need for a price drop.

Outside_ofthe_Box3362d ago

Says the one that said it'll be "common sense" for Sony to do it by the end of this year.

LOGICWINS3362d ago

"Says the one that said it'll be "common sense" for Sony to do it by the end of this year.

Correct. And my opinion still stands. I'm loving all the attention you've been giving me these past few weeks Outside_ofthe_Box. Nice to know that even random people on the Internet have such a deep interest in everything I write.

kreate3361d ago


thats why u gotta watch what u say and be consistent with it

Outside_ofthe_Box3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

So which is it?

Should Sony see how well the Vita sells before dropping the price?


Should they just drop the price regardless of how well the sales are because it's "common sense" to do so?

LOGICWINS3362d ago

Sony should do whatever the hell they feel is necessary...its their product not mine.

I predict that the Vita won't sell well enough at a $250 price point and in the coming months there will be a point where Sony will consider dropping the price to reach a bigger audience. This would be "common sense" for them.

Outside_ofthe_Box3362d ago

Finally making sense I see.

Of course if the Vita doesn't sell well Sony is going to have to something whether it be dropping the price, bundling it with games/memory cards, or marketing the product better.

As it stands now there is no reason to even consider the price dropping as $250 is a very reasonable price point. I don't think $250 dollar is an outrageous amount of money for the system.

rezzah3361d ago

They watch the sales, also note that fluctuations is a common thing. So a drop in sales may not necessarily mean immediate price drop.

What logic means with "common sense" (though nothing in the world is common sense) is that in his opinion, by the next X-mas or end of the year the price should drop.

The reason for this being that around that time sales increase because of the holidays. Meaning that Sony might gain a lot of sales early in the Vita's lifetime.

Is this a smart or "common sense" move? That depends on if Sony believes that they can still rack in some extra cash with the price set at 250. If they believe that sales are not doing so well by that time, they may decide to drop the price.

Mikhail3361d ago

Duh, its too early for that. Now, if the sales are not in their expectation months from now, they'll bundle the memory card (16GB) or have a price cut of $50.

Agent_hitman3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

LOL there's no reason for price cut at this early stage of VITA, if you compare this awesome device to tablets this year, VITA is in fact for more powerful that it has QUAD core CPU+GPU, I guess a $250 price vita over $399-$499 dual core tablet is more reasonable.. Only blind fanboy will contradict my statement. LOL

STANK083361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

Why in the hell would you compare the Vita to a Tablet? They are 2 different things. It's kinda like comparing a car to a boat. Yes they are forms of transportation, but they are different. Gaming is Vita primary function. Tablets arent meant for gaming, its like a bonus feature. AKA great time killers. LOL

On topic. I think the price point of the is reasonable. It's the games and memory cards that desperately need a price cut

FlashXIII3361d ago

Then sadly the Vita isn't on my radar. Seems that quite a lot of the n4g community don't seem bothered but £230 cheapest model.. it's just way too expensive for this economy for a handheld console. It'll be interesting to see how the overall sales are however I'd be shocked if they are positive.

Outside_ofthe_Box3361d ago

How much do you want it to cost?

I mean yes it's expensive, hell I don't even plan on buying it until the price drops, but I still think the Vita is priced right considering the things it can do.

tiffac0083361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

If its only the price that is stopping you then you don't need to worry since traditionally console prices goes down in time and with every succeeding sku.

@DragonKnight (below)

The 3DS actually sold well at $250, no one really complained about the price even when it was found out that it only took $101 to make a 3DS.

The complaint back then was the lack of games and that's the one that took the sales of the 3DS down. Ninty brought the price down to take the momentum away from the Vita and clearly it worked because everyone is reacting to the $250 price in a negative light and has forgotten all about E3.

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