Should singleplayer and multiplayer games be sold seperately?

The question is asked, should single player and multiplayer games be split in two and sold as separate units?

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Gearshead752431d ago

Interesting...I'm sort of split on the idea. On one hand I love having more for my money by publishers including both components into the package (as long as it doesn't suck) and on the other I feel like each would get more attention during development if they were different entities.

For now I like it the way it is since I really don't want to pay over $60 USD for a new game.

RaidensRising2431d ago

I would assume the price would remain the same but merely split into two. So $29.99 for each component or am I being naive and Activision would still charge 60 for the Multiplayer only and another 60 for the single player?

I like the idea but it spells doom if either a single player game sucks or a multiplayer game sucks. I guess it would make developers more concious of failure and would encourage them to ensure their game will generate sales based on its own merits.

KyRo2431d ago

I honestly think publishers would see it as another way to make even more money out of us and charge more, say £30 for half a game.

Also, would that mean single player games like Skyrim aren't worth the full asking price because it dont have multiplayer?

It's a bad move and one that doesn't even need doing.

Shackdaddy8362431d ago

I would say they split it down the middle and maybe charge $40 for each (maybe just $30 for Sp).

'm honestly against the idea. Just give me the whole game in one package. I don't want to have to buy both separate.

bunt-custardly2431d ago

I can see a future where a game can be purely multiplayer on console. Take Counter Strike for example, I could certainly see the likes of Call of Duty or Halo being sold in multiplayer form only via. digital distribution. Such a game over time would then just see mandatory updates and a slew of map packs to rake in the cash.

Oschino19072431d ago

Warhawk (I have downloadable version) and M.A.G. are two full fledged games that come to mind on PS3 that have already gone that route and BF1943 and Modern Combat: Domination are two downloadable games that have done it also. These are just games I own or have owned, sure there are some others as well.

Son_Lee2431d ago

I swear I wrote the very same thing on a comment a couple weeks ago. They should. Sell each for $30 separate at launch. I don't see anything wrong with it. The FPS market gets their money cause they'll sell MORE copies since it's cheaper, and those that want the single player only can pay for it separately or get another game altogether.

beremy_jeadle2431d ago

They definately should. I have played over 800 hours of bad company 2 online, I dont even have any idea what the single player looks like. BF3 I am on 200 hours again havent even placed the single player disk in my xbox. that

kma2k2431d ago

I know im the minority here but....i have played each & every new COD with my gamefly subscription i play the campaign then send it back to gamefly. I have ZERO interest in multiplayer whatsoever. I like the stories & once there done im done with the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.