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Looking for something new? Producer and publisher, The Chinese Room, might have just what you are searching for with its latest release, Dear Esther. Dear Esther is a title which manages to escape the confines of what a standard video game experience is thought to be, while centering its focus on the power of environmental story telling. Given the nature of this game, I have decided to conduct this review in video format, so that you might get a more solid grasp on what the game is all about by seeing it for yourself. This title is available on Steam for the modest price of $9.99, but if you are willing to wait for a sale (which Steam is notorious for) then you should be able to pick it up for even less. The low price is due mostly in part to the game’s short length, but don’t let that fool you. This is a title that demands the attention of any gamer looking to experience something truly unique. Take a look at the video bellow for a full review.

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