We won: On The Last Story and American release

Nightmare Mode analyzes the decision to publish The Last Story and wonders about the fate of the genre and why it took Nintendo so long to bring such an acclaimed game over.

"They take classic JRPG ideas and meld them with novel strategies, something which has to be exciting for any fan of the genre except the most hardened traditionalist. Because here’s the thing: while the last two generations were defined by JRPGs (the Playstation by Final Fantasy VII, the Playstation 2 by Final Fantasy X and, in the minds of its rabid fans, Persona), in this one they’ve barely been a footnote."

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Shok3338d ago

YES. FUCK, YES. FINALLY. Best RPG I've played this gen. Now I can finish it and actually understand the story lol.

LX-General-Kaos3338d ago

This is another time to celebrate as a nintendo supporter. nintendo has crept up and became a dominant force in the JRPG realm.

Knight_Cid3338d ago (Edited 3338d ago )

This is trolling, moronic dribble from somebody who doesnt know rpgs or game history.

Japanese rpgs have never been more popular than this gen

How do we know this?

More older games are getting localized. More higher selling titles, ect

He hates on good titles, rationalizes in his own small mind why they werent good

and then he says the dumbest thing of all.

Titles on portables are relics of the past.

Guess what, the portables were number 1 worldwide this gen. And I would take any portable game over a console one where it matters, Gameplay

Another dumb point was what he said about lost oddessy. It sold well and it was critically acclaimed yet it wasnt good enough for him.

He comes off like a sony fanboy too.

I would never of approved such a troll article

ThePsychoGamer3338d ago

The battle is over, but the war rages on, We still need to get Pandora's Tower. And fight until Nintendo NA no longer prevents M rated games from coming over here.

LX-General-Kaos3338d ago

This is amazing news for all nintendo supporters. The hard work has paid off and we have successfully landed another 1st class RPG. We should make it a point to show love to nintendo and ourselves and pick this game up. It has already been proven to be one of the finer JRPGs this generation along side xenoblade. EXCLUSIVELY on the nintendo wii.

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