6 Locations We Want to Revisit in ‘Mass Effect 3′

John Jaques of Game Rant writes: Mass Effect 3 will bring an epic conclusion to the reaper invasion and potential extermination of not only mankind, but every race found throughout the galaxy. It's up to Commander Shepard to ultimately stop the reaper invasion, and with all the history behind Shepard's experiences, it only makes sense that players will be revisiting places from previous Mass Effect games.

We've compiled a list of six locations from both Mass Effect titles that we think could both serve a purpose in Mass Effect 3- and deserve to be seen again. From the Serpent Nebula to the Terminus Systems, here follows some destinations which could aid Shepard in his fight against the Reapers.

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Godmars2902845d ago

Forget it.

Since ME2 the series has been about scenes, not world or universe building.

RedDead2845d ago

Agreed. All the "world's" In ME2 are just settings and a backround for the shooting to take place. You talk and walk for 5-10 mins then fight for the rest of the 'level'. Unlike any previous Bioware games. I was hoping ME3 won't be like as I prefer the other way. Unlucky me though

MasterD9192845d ago

The Citadel is probably number one for a lot of people who enjoyed ME1 but didn't think much of it in ME2.

Pintheshadows2845d ago

No wandering the Presidium sucked. Hopefully it will return in 3.