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Of all the Vita launch games, this is the trickiest to review – and I say that having played almost all of Golden Abyss in one sitting, going steadily madder as I wiped dirt off Drake’s artefact for a tenth consecutive hour. But this is a much stranger package. Priced lower than any other boxed launch game (Amazon currently has it at £17.99) this is reflected in the content you get: just three tracks and five cars.

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OllieBoy2847d ago

Glad it's getting slaughtered in the reviews. No games should be released in this state.

F**king Scamco...

Emilio_Estevez2847d ago

Yup, almost no content would certainly do that.

darthv722847d ago

Ridge racer was such a regarded launch game for many platforms. From the PS1-PS3, DS/PSP and 360...

Its a shame how the series is mistreated by management.

Elimin82847d ago

Haha Shiiiiiiit Chaaaser!

Cloudberry2847d ago

Couldn't they just release a new humble Vita JRPG called Innocence R, rather than this?


They couldn't release it (yet?) because they have to gauge Abyss 3D & Graces f English version first?


Acquiescence2847d ago

Your money-grubbing ways have sullied the once-great Ridge Racer name for the forseeable future.

bumnut2847d ago

When was ridge racer great?

chasegarcia2847d ago (Edited 2847d ago )

back in the Playstation 1 days? even then it was not that great. Top Gear for Snes was a lot more fun.

Chrono2847d ago

Ridge Racer Type 4 was fun, it's the only one that I actually like.

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The story is too old to be commented.