360's Witcher 2 gets second teaser trailer

TVGB: "Following up on yesterday's trailer, CD Projekt has released another quick tease for its 360-bound The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition."

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pandehz2431d ago

Im glad xbox gamers are gonna get to play this.

Played it twice and loved the crap out of it.
Easily should have won GOTY 2011.

jthamind2431d ago

i personally wouldn't call it the GotY, but it's still a flat out amazing game (and it puts Skyrim to shame). glad more people are going to have the chance to play it now.

theeg2431d ago

The Witcher 2 stood high above all other games of 2011 by far...

BF3 (on pc only, console version was BAD) is the best multiplayer game since bf2, but cannot even compare to the care and devotion, and CRAFT that went into making the witcher 2

dark souls, great, a very solid and awesome game but not even close

skyrim, epic cool, outstandingly deep, and still nowhere near the witcher 2's caliber of awesomeness.

Batman AC, great comic book game, not even a contendor to the witcher 2

uncharted 3, a good game, but far inferior to its own uncharted 2, which even uncharted 2, an amazing game, is NOTHING compared to the witcher 2

gears 3, lol......not even in the same bracket, its like comparing a junior high football team to the nfl

there is not a single game realeased in 2011, and not a single rpg in the last 10 years that comes close to the witcher 2, the only game in recent memory that is close to the quality of this title (on pc at least, who knows what the console version will turn out like, i hope its great for 360 gamers as well) is starcraft 2

starcraft 2, the witcher 2, bf3 (pc) are the best 3 games of the last 6 years

pandehz2431d ago

I agree

According to me this is the best RPG since Baldur's Gate.

beastlysensation2431d ago

you sir deserve a bubble. I will work hard to earn you one. Tell those ps3 fanboys! uncharted has nothing on witcher 2