Sony Vita versus Mobile Gaming

Sony Vita versus Mobile Gaming - and examination.

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slavish3364d ago

mobile phones this year will surpass vita &ps360 in performance and graphics with quad-core and s4 graphic cards. I would have got vita if it was a phone. That closed the market to a large group of people. I, and many others, don't like caring multiple devices.

Diver3363d ago

an those games will generate phone sales. how? because when you try to play them you will throw you phone against the wall. somebody here the other day was uninformed enough to bring up shadowgun. as i said then, ahahahahahahahahaha!

it isnt any good. it looks good for a phone game but there is a reason it didnt score great. it plays like crap. youll get so frustrated right after you break your phone youll realize how you were played by articles that think a phone can stand up next to a vita a 360 a ps3 or a pc.

what else is good about shadowgun beside the looks. nothing. you get stuck in scenery and have to crash the game. thanks for showing us you never played the game. "oh it looks good." so what? there are plenty of good looking games that are crap.

did you try to run from enemies in that game? now you see why touch pad controls alone just blow. an you cant defend phone games outside of angry birds. we had something similar on low end pcs called solitaire.

the people that think a phone game can hold against a real game machine do more to discredit their own comments by by simply making the claim than anyone.

lumley6663363d ago


urrrm a smart phones gaming capabilitys arnt even in the same leage as a vita, i have a powerful smart phone an a dual core tablet, and while the graphics are good the games are pretty crap compared to vita

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plmkoh3363d ago

Surpassing specs based on benchmarks is one thing, but the practical experience that is ACTUALLY playing the game is another.

Take any benchmark mobile phone game and have a look at how much phone resources it actually uses, and you will find that it probably uses less than 30% CPU power and around 130mb or so RAM, even in this age of 1.5ghz Dual core and 1gb of RAM on a phone.

This is exactly why there is still nothing today on the mobile phone that looks and plays better than MGS: Peace Walker on the PSP despite that being on an ancient platform that runs at most 333mhz with 64mb of RAM.

The very fact that mobile phone games are no longer attractive once priced over $4.99 should be a rhetorical in itself for developers having no motivation to push graphics on hardware.

Ron_Danger3363d ago

Have fun playing all those advanced touch screen only games on your advanced phone.

Take whatever the best racing game is on android or iOS and put it up against Wipeout2048... Guess who will win...Wipeout 2048 is one of the best looking games I've ever played and the controls are perfect... And you can play against other people on the vita or ps3 at the same time...

But since it can't make phone calls, I guess your right... /s

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Wigriff3364d ago

I don't want a powerful handheld market. The handheld market - much like the PSN and Xbox Live - gives indie developers a much needed platform to experiment on. Mobile gamers also have lower graphical expectations. Even if mobile devices DID exceed the graphical abilities of the Vita or current consoles, it doesn't mean that I want to play games on them. My current phone is more powerful than my PS2, but I would rather play games on a PS2. A console or a PC is more accommodating for games than a phone.

I think your assessment is off base though. Sony wouldn't have released the Vita with its graphical capabilities only to be easily out-shined; and the Vita offers more intuitive gaming than a touch screen phone.

The next generation of consoles will exceed the ability by mobile devices exponentially, and AAA developers will devote exceptional amounts of time and money to push the capabilities of those platforms.

I stand by my arguments presented in the original source: If the Vita would have been made into a phone, they would have sacrificed far too many things that make the Vita a superior tool for gaming.


A lot of people are not interested in the Vita. There is just to much other stuff out there right now. And at that price in this economy, with hardly no storage? Not good.

DarthSidious3363d ago

What economy? The Dow broke through 13,000 two days ago for the first time since the financial crisis in 2008. The official unemployment rate has been in steady decline for months. What price? The PSP launched for $250 in 2005! The PSP Go launched for $250 two years ago. And let us not forget the crapbox that is the Nintendo 3DS that, yes, also launched initially for $250 just last year! None of those previous three handheld systems had a quarter of the power and potential that Sony's awesome new Playstation Vita. If you can't afford a PSV because you think the economy is too harsh or the price is too high, perhaps you should explore leaving a capitalist society where hard work yields great rewards, or just don't buy one! Or, find a better paying job (assuming you do work, in this economy LoL).


Maybe after it has been out on the market for a while maybe just maybe, even the hardcore faithful will open there eyes.

DarthSidious3363d ago

The Vita is for gamers who actually want a device like it to first and foremost, play good games and provide great experiences. If you don't want a PSV, don't get one. You're simply not the target market.

monkeyfox3363d ago

Iphone (for example) can cost around £500-£1000 over a 2 year contract. Vita costs £199 or £249 (for a 3G one).

I have had an iphone 4 for the past year or so and i must say most of the games suck. There are like 4-5 that really are any good. I mean can someone please tell me what games come close to console gaming or indeed vita on iphone?

Mobile gaming on android/iphone is great for indie developers though... We are at a point like we were 30 years ago where one person can make a game and get it plauyed by millions.. thats pretty cool

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