Should Games Reexamine the “Super Soldier?”

"Few tropes are as prevalent in the action game as the super-soldier. While early shooters didn’t even bother to explain why the player character could absorb a dozen bullets, the last decade has seen more and more games try to justify the protagonist’s apparent superpowers. From the nano-augmented hero of Deus Ex to Halo’s cyborg protagonist, we’ve seen more and more games use emerging technologies to shape the player’s abilities."

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MagicAccent3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

Well, video gaming is still in its infancy, as are the minds of many people who play them it seems like, but I still think many games have shown us what our medium is capable of, as supplement to the human experience. But as long as games are considered being for children, nothing will really change.

I remember some author once said "The only thing worth writing about the is human heart in conflict with itself".
The more I think about all the stories I've read/watched/played, the more I think there is some truth to that.