Preview: Kid Icarus Uprising features awkwardly unique controls - Bitmob

Bitmob's Patrick O'Rourke says, "I never played the original Kid Icarus, but Kid Icarus Uprising -- a 20-years-later re-imagining of the franchise releasing next month -- seems solid so far...with one slight problem."

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ShadowPraxis3361d ago

Control problems or no, I'm still looking forward to this one. I geeked out so hard when they announced this at E3.

acronkyoung3361d ago

It's gonna be pretty awkward to try to play this on the toilet, which is where I do 98% of my handheld gaming.

THR1LLHOUSE3361d ago

Get one of those things where it's like a pillow with a hard plastic table attached to one side, then just take off your pants, sit down, put it on your lap, put the 3DS on its stand, and ENJOY!

...That sounds like an awful idea, huh?

2EHO3361d ago

The controls are gonna be what keeps me from getting this day one.... Might be a rental. Its a shame to cause I agree also the graphics on this game are console worthy and shows 3ds has considerable power.