Unacceptable: Mass Effect 3 Strips Core Content for Paid DLC

GR - "Addressing BioWare's plan to release core content of Mass Effect 3 separate from its standard retail release to put out as paid DLC."

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slavish2431d ago

This really pisses me off. Unfortunate I love mass effect too much to cancel my preorder :(. I love dlc but not when it could have been on disc thats thq low :(

Peppy la Moca2431d ago

It could have been on the disc if you were willing to pay extra for it. Because that's what it is, extra content. People who buy cars without power windows or leather seats other "extras" don't complain that someone else who payed more for their car got that extra content.

crxss2431d ago

those greedy EA peoples. they know most of us who'll buy ME3 will buy it anyway regardless of how much is stripped from it.

JhawkFootball062431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

This happens with nearly every game. UFC it was preorder and you get a couple of fighters. Racing games, you preorder or buy the better edition to get "exclusive cars." Shooting games you might get an extra gun, etc. I'm not saying this is right or anything, but developers will use various techniques like this to further their profit. Sadly, we are the ones that take the hit.

Blacktric2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

If they were greedy, they would've made this an online pass DLC rather than a frigging day 1 and CE included one. What they're doing is just pathetic. Why do I have to pay 10 bucks to get a "very important" squadmate that should've been in the game from the get go? It really is pathetic to see shallow piece of crap characters like James Vega and Diana Allers makes it into the retail game but not this one.

antz11042431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )


The character is a Prothean, and is supposed to tell about the history between the Protheans and their fall into the collectors. This is Main story dlc, not some side aspect like the asteroid mission. So as far as I'm concerned this is pretty unacceptable. I posted the following in another article, summing up what Im seeing:

"Great, so anyone that bought the standard version is bent over a barrel having to pay the $10 dlc if you want the complete squad, and dont have the option to buy the CE version because it sold out.

The extra squad member was originally in the CE, then dropped. A lot of gamers cancelled their CE when that happened, and then it was added again. But this wasn't until after the CE completely sold out. Oh, and they cant make more because there was a limited # of hardcover books.

Thanks for officially selling out EA, and gouging the masses that buy the regular edition for $70 a copy if you want all the shady.

Aaaand....end rant :-D "

darthv722430d ago

funny thing is, he is a degree. If the game were released in the sense that you could not complete it WITHOUT the need for this DLC then I could agree with the anger such a decision has caused.

Yet it seems obvious that whatever this content is has no definitive bearing on the main game what-so-ever and is purely expansion. Similar to his example of buying a car without leather seats or power windows. Neither of which deter the driver from actually driving the car.

If those are options that you are looking to have then you pay a little more for them. this day and age, power windows are pretty much standard. The leather seat idea makes more sense.

Gamer-Z2430d ago

@Peppy la Moca

Its not extra content its content that was developed in the game and striped out, big difference. And as for your car analogy it would be more like buying a car and having the stereo and air conditioner striped out because technically you don't need those things to drive it but they are definitely part of the car.

Godmars2902430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Its not about it being unimportant to the game, its about it being important to the *STORY.*

The way its being done is the difference between, "Oh S***! This is happening!" and "Well, that happened..." as far as story context is concerned. At the absolute very least it should be a notable plot development but instead its now trivial.

This is the exact same thing as Shepard coming back from the dead to work for an infamous terrorist organization and it being boiled down to, "Oh hey, long time no see," as far as friends and the authorities are concerned.

darthv722430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I had that happen once. Bought a used car and the AC didnt work and the radio was crap so i removed them both.

I sold the car before i ever got them fixed but none the less i was still able to drive. Not much of a chic-mobile without tunes but I managed.

@god...yeah i get what you are saying. I do like me a good story in a game and if it feels broken then the whole sense of proceeding through to the end is somewhat detached.

morganfell2430d ago

@Slavish. Your remark, the fact you will buy it anyway, is why gamers will continue to be treated in this manner. No, actually it will encourage responsible parties to push the boundaries further.

I can honestly say with the all of the games that are now out, and owning every platform, there is too much already. It's why I cancelled my pre-order for Mass Effect 3 some weeks ago.

mayberry2430d ago

Nice analogy, but games are trying to be on par artistically as movies! I dont see a AAA movie charging more than a low budget release at the box office! But somehow just because a game franchise gets to be BIG, all of a sudden big name actors and personality's wanna be in it, and the publishers wanna charge for s++t that shouldve been in it from the beginning! For that simple fact alone, games will always be a big joke to the non-gaming world!

zeeshan2430d ago

So is this Bioware or is the evil empire we call EA? In any case, screw this practice. This is unacceptable and sh** like this is why I oppose the whole DLC concept.

frostypants2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Yeah, people might not like this, but...well...if you agree to buy the game despite knowing this, then clearly it's not a rip-off. If it were truly a rip-off, you would speak with your wallets. Bioware is merely doing what any business does: charging what the market will bare. If enough of you back up your supposed anger by refusing to play the game, then maybe they will get the message.

But complaining about it, yet still buying it, won't change anything.

*ducks and prepares for disagrees*

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darkphoenixgeeknihil2430d ago

But there is a significant difference between cars and game content. Power windows and leather seats need to be manufactured for each car while it costs practicaly nothing to burn a few extra mb on a game disc. There would be a difference if they made dlc after the game but here it will be avaiable day one.

RyuX192430d ago

You suck and nobody likes you.

TKCMuzzer2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

How do you know it was extra content? How do you not know it was not originally part of the game then just stripped away for extra money? A car still comes with windows as standard, electric or not.

LastDance2430d ago

'waits for ultimate edition'

badz1492430d ago

those Evil Assholes (EA) are doing this on purpose! I hope this game BOMBED HARD!

Spydiggity2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I don't know why so many of you put up with this. this is the reason why things keep getting worse...because you are BAD consumers.

and ME isn't even that good of a series to begin with. very overrated. basically you get to fire your weapon or use an ability for about 5 minutes every 2 hours. and all you ever really seem to be doing, when you aren't infrequently shooting, is trying to get in some girl's pants.

I liked the first game because it was one of the first games that felt next gen, but by the 2nd game i was just bored. i still would have bought the 3rd one just to complete the trilogy but this just put the nail in the coffin.

i will NOT support any company that tries to nickel and dime the consumer...

EDIT: lemme just add that if it is a Mass Expense to hire big name actors to do the voices, then don't. if i gave a sh*t about celebrities, i'd still pay to see their garbage movies.

just get some decent voice actors and make the game fit a budget if that's a real problem. if the game isn't going to make the money back in the first place.

Darth_Bane792430d ago

If most of us were smart and had a strong will to make our voices heard, then we could force EA to change this by canceling as many pre-orders as possible, or not buying the game until they fix this. But in the real world this is just impossible. If you really wanna change things you better start by changing yourself, and for that reason IAM CANCELING MY PRE-ORDER, even if I'm alone in this, I'm still gonna do it.

EVILDEAD3602430d ago

LMAP @ people pretending that GOOD DLC takes a month to develop.

We are not talking about clothing items...

Developers have been adressing this issue for years. In order to make good DLC content it has to be a part of the planning process of the actual game itself.

You don't just finish Mass Effect 3, then frantically keep developing to get DLC out on time.

What arrives in the final product for the full retail game is the developers choice. What arrives is their choice as well.

How can some fan blogger site make assumptions when theyknow absolutely zero about what goes into ANY development of ANY particuliar game.

Countless games use exclusive content as incentives for gamers to pre-order or purchase games from a particuliar retailer.

But, now it's an issue because its ME3, especially to the point where you are dropping spoilers in your blog?

Weaksauce..Don't buy game or the optional content..your choice

Day one or me..



da_2pacalypse2430d ago

my pre order is already cancelled. I'll buy this game when it's cheaper than 20 dollars. That's what EA gets for trying to take advantage of me. They're lucky I have the decency to not pirate their game.

RedDead2430d ago

Good for you having the decency not to pirate, I however am pirating it now. I do not give money to devs/publishers who do this. I can either give it to gamestop...or pirate it. Or I can wait 6 months and get it cheap(no for me).

Rageanitus2430d ago

it is greed driving the DLC..... there is a lot of crap that shouldnt be really charged..

This is why it does not really fly on the pc market.... because alot of the extras are from the community.

Your comparison to the car market does not make sense. I can assure if you buy a base mode car and wanna add air conditioning afterwards you will realize it is a ridiculous price.

Anon19742430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

I love how people are so quick to blame EA for this. In my conversations with Bioware folk, Bioware was pushing for DLC back when EA considered anything but retail distribution hearsay. Now that Bioware is getting what they wanted in terms DLC, suddenly it's "evil EA's" fault. Grow up.

Bioware puts out games that usually have zero multiplayer and lend themselves to be played through once in a large campaign and then shelved or traded in. Single player games in general hit the trade in shelves fast, so Bioware augments their revenue stream with DLC. That's just good business sense and that's the reality of the industry. Get over it. No one's forcing you to buy it.

antz11042430d ago

^ Really? Because most Bioware games I've played warrant a second playthrough, and maybe even a third.

Its not good buisness sense if you screw over your fanbase. After DA 2 everyone was a little wary, but this could put a lot of ppl off of Bioware for a while or EA all together.

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zeal0us2431d ago

thq low no you mean crapcom low.

StayStatic2430d ago

Don't suppose you could tell my why their was no fortune in my fortune cookie ? =(

Godmars2902431d ago

Then how about manning up and either buy it used, or wait for an ultimate edition?

VanguardOfCalamity2431d ago

I'm sure I will be corrected if I'm wrong but... its not like its free for anyone - if you bought the CE edition or digital deluxe it cost $10+ more then regular version..

But do I think that the dlc character in question should be a imperative part of the game and not DLC - absolutely

BraveToaster2430d ago

How about manning up and NOT giving huge greedy corporations your money for mediocre games?

MikeGdaGod2430d ago


i agree...if i still bought games (i have gamefly), i'd just wait for the ultimate edition....around Christmas time i'm sure it'll be same price as the standard edition is now.

Blues Cowboy2430d ago

It's that attitude that allows DLC to flourish - the whole "I love a particular brand too much to actually vote with my wallet."

I know because I do it too. I understand. But really, we all need to take a tougher line on this.

Darth_Bane792430d ago


Blues Cowboy2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

@Darth_Bane79: Easy to say, but hard in practice.

You're absolutely right. 100%, full-on, totally right. But sadly, I can't see it happening... because it should have happened years ago.

Darth_Bane792429d ago

I cancelled mine. It might only be a few of us, but at least I know I made my stand. If we all didn't give in to their crap it could change a lot of things. The moment you let them get into you by thinking that your opinion alone didn't matter, thats when you let them get away with whatever crap they want.

mynameisEvil2430d ago

I find something EXTREMELY pathetic. This crap happens, they pull CORE content, and everyone goes "Well, that sucks. But I'm still getting the game."

Great job, everyone. You're encouraging this kind of crap from EA. It's the same reason why CoD has yearly releases. Everyone here is doing FANTABULOUS at "sticking it to the man."

Seriously, people, grow a pair and don't buy the game new. If you don't, guess what! This same crap will be pulled for every EA release. For every Kingdoms of Amalur, every Battlefield, every Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Sims game, sports game, Dead Space, Crysis, Mercenaries, Command and Conquer, etc. BECAUSE THEY CAN. Because they weren't slapped on the hand when they reached for the cookie, they grabbed the entire plate. Because everyone LET them.

SpaceGhost2430d ago Show
SilentNegotiator2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Delayed, stripped, pass system, origin, and favoritism on a system (with poor reasoning given (cheap processor, speech system similar to one found on other system, etc), insulting our intelligence).

If you support Mass Effect 3, you can't expect things to get any better. Only worse. If you can say "But I like the series too much!" to all of that.... yourself some time and register your brain frequency to Origin, and remember to plug in your brain whenever you want to play. Because at this rate, we're only 5 years or so from that.
(Hint: yes, I'm being hyperbolic. The point is, we're in a downward spiral of taking crap from people we're paying $60+ for a game to.)

NO GAME is worth that much abuse.

Christopher2430d ago

I like how we are jumping to the conclusion that this party member is really all that important.

Zaeed? Dude wasn't tied to anything in the game other than his one side mission. Hell, you meet him, he joins you and says he has a quest to fulfill. His quest had no bearing on the overall story, he never was a character who spoke up during plot scenarios. He was a nobody except for his nice grenade loyalty ability.

So, I think we're jumping to conclusions a bit here and I doubt this guy will be anything close to core to the campaign. Will he have a voice in various plot scenarios or just on his one loyalty quest we get to work through?

I get people's dislike of Day One DLC. I also get the company's use of it to influence day one and early one sales. It's a grey area, not a black or white area, IMHO.

Septic2430d ago

I didn't read the article for fear of spoilers but if its Zaeed that the extra paid DLC relates to, I can breathe a sigh of relief because he died on my playthrough of Mass Effect 2 lol.

SpaceGhost2430d ago

Totaly agree, people are but hurt for something that was never promised to them, and they think that cause in the past they got something for free they deserve more things for free

@septic no, its not Zaheed its another character, and its what race that character is that is getting everyone butt hurt over.

TheMailman2430d ago

Thats why I only play PS3 exclusives..

showtimefolks2430d ago

atleast give this game free to those who buy it new. EA and bioware have become just as bad as anyone

NewZealander2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

im happy with the decision, i payed extra for the collectors edition, so its nice to know im getting my moneys worth.

its a ce bonus, just be glad its not exclusive to the ce and you have the choice to download it.

and we all know theres no point blaming bioware, this will be purely EA's decision.

WitWolfy2430d ago

I agree,EA is just trying to minimize the chances of people buying it preplayed.. But this is pushing it a bit.....

Consoldtobots2430d ago

@ slavish

people like you are the reason we get gouged by developers for every nickel and dime.

YOU PUT PERSONAL PLEASURE AND SATISFACTION over principle as a gamer and they know that all too well.

If people boycotted a game everytime they tried this it paid PRElc would be a memory by now.

SpaceGhost2430d ago

God so many people on here are being idiots, Just because you got something free once does not mean it will always be free, and we get gouged by every nickle and dime is because of the sheer costs of making video games these days, cause tolls like you need the best of everything for nothing.

CoLD FiRE2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

You know what, I bought the two first games but because of this douchy move by EA and Bioware I'm pirating this one. Yes I said it. I'm PIRATING it!

*Edit: It's been 4hrs since I commented and I'm just trying to see if I could glitch the Edit feature. If you're seeing this then it means the glitch worked :S

OmegaSlayer2430d ago

Welcome to this gen.
The one created by Microsoft that imported DLCs, patches, bug fixes concepts from the PC World to the consoles.

Once games were complete and refined out of the box.
Now everything has DLCs.
Some of them even deeply rooted in the storyline (like Mass Effect or Castlevania).
It's what we wanted because we supported, we can't whine now.
Once the games were on the shelves on a single edition, but then we started calling for pricey editions and goodies, and CliffyB proposal to make low budget editions didn't even made a ripple in the business.
It's late.
On the matter...lots of players (all the PS3 only owners) missed the whole ME1, so many will miss the overall experience anyway.
What I really find unacceptable is that Bioware/EA didn't make enough copies of the N7 edition.

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LOGICWINS2431d ago

Screw EA...they're the ones who are making Bioware do this. I'll wait for the Ultimate Edition in a year and if theres no Ultimate Edition, I'll just buy the game used.

Sashamaz2430d ago

You are delirious if you think the devs would want to give you this stuff for free. If you had any idea how much work it is to produce anything in 3D then you would know that no one wants to give away their hard work for free. You work day and night, with tight deadlines not to give away your work for free but to earn a living. Games are a business just as any other media. Sales of games such as call of duty and battlefield have proven that the laud voices are only in the minority.

_Aarix_2430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

Biowares the reason im buying this game. EA is a very greedy sob. Otherwise id never buy a game with an online pass and published by ea.

luoshuigui2430d ago

Here's the thing: This DLC was meant to be ONLY for CE users, you be a fan, you pay more for a CE copy, you get something more. Then the preorders number has gone nuts and the CEs started running out since last october then completely soldout last month, so more and more players who can not buy CE posted on official forums asking Bioware to make the CE stuff available for everyone.
Bioware answered fans' demand, and still some people are angry? You just cant win against spoiled self entitled kids.

lashes2ashes2431d ago

It's not core content. It is just an extra character and some story. Maybe it was almost done when the game went gold and it was finished at the last second but to late to make it to the disc. It's not like you have to pay extra to beat the game. Most of the people bitching about "it should have been on the disc' have never had to develop a game in a set period of time. If you don't work at bioware then stop acting like you know for a fact it could have been on the disc and finished in time for shipping. No one is forcing you to buy it and I doubt not playing it will make the game better or worse.

STONEY42431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

If you knew what the DLC character was, it's a very big deal to the lore of Mass Effect. Enough to where you would think he'd play a huge role in the story and the war against the reapers. But since he's just a DLC character, he'll probably barely have an impact, which is sad. Because it's a HUGE deal who he is.

It definitely wasn't thrown in at the last second, since the character has been leaked for a while now. But really, so much wasted potential on the character.

lashes2ashes2431d ago

The character I be leave was leaked yesterday.

STONEY42430d ago (Edited 2430d ago )

His dialogue was in the leaked script from back in November, and it's pretty much become widespread knowledge since last month for anyone keeping up with the game. The fact that his dialogue was in the leaked script, and since that was before the delay, means that he was completed already for a while.

ginsunuva2430d ago

It's one character and his story for 1/6 of the whole game's price!

Scumlabs2431d ago

Anything to make a little extra money eh?