Fez finished

It has been a long road to release, but Polytron's multidimensional platformer Fez is now one step closer to launching on the Xbox 360.

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Lavalamp2524d ago

Words cannot describe my hype for Fez!

Yi-Long2524d ago

... good times are coming though: Journey (PSN) is almost coming out, Trials Evolution should be coming out soon, and now Fez finally as well!

Psychonaughty2524d ago

In an ideal world Fez would be available on psn and Journey on xbla, my God they both look amazing.

Moncole2524d ago

I hope this comes to PC

Convas2524d ago

At long last! I've been waiting since it was announced.

YodaCracker2524d ago

Me, too! Let's get a release date now.