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One of the most exciting things about the Vita launch has been seeing just how the portable experience compares to its home console counterparts – and in many cases, the differences are negligible. If Dynasty Warriors Next is a little different from what fans are used to, that's no technical complaint – this is the first handheld Warriors title not to be compromised by the format. Instead, it seems positively invigorated by its move to Sony's new console. Many accuse the series of going through the motions with each sequel; here Koei has done just that - and this time it isn't a criticism.

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TheFirstClassic3363d ago (Edited 3363d ago )

...I didn't see that coming. Pretty sure this franchise has gotten mostly mediocre ratings for the last few titles. I've never played a dynasty warriors game before, might keep my eye on this.


I used to like this series but it just hasn't grown with each installment or at least I don't feel that it's grown.

Andreas-Sword3363d ago

8/10 is a good score for a Dynasty Warriors game.