Media Create hardware sales (2/13 – 2/19)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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DarkSniper3373d ago

Dark Sniper is glad to see the numbers reflect the strong brand name of PlayStation in the east.

Much like the PS2, PSP is still continuing to be a driving force in the market as it legitimizes itself to be the most successful handheld in gaming history not made by Nintendo. Meanwhile, PlayStation®3 and PS Vita continue a strong uptrend in sales this month.

With over 50,000 combined sales this past week, it looks as if Sony Computer Entertainment has a stranglehold on the eastern market and Dark Sniper couldn't be any more pleased to read this news.


ronin4life3373d ago

I don't want to troll your comment, but I don't see how sony has a stranglehold when all its consoles combined sell less than its major competitor's solitary and newest console...
They have a strong foothold, but not a stranglehold.

rexbolt3373d ago

are u on something? and i see soy gettign whooped in the handheld department :/ so wut r u speaking of?