GAME: "we can't stock absolutely everything"

Eurogamer: "Struggling retailer GAME has admitted it is unable to stock all new titles. However, it has promised gamers that it will honour pre-orders for games that are currently on sale."

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Baka-akaB3373d ago

THat's not the issue and you know it . If you know you wont fulfill all limited and collectors orders , dont BS around and keep accepting them , only to tell others you'll give them the regular edition instead ...

As if the client gave a f*** about that and couldnt get that anywhere ?

And meanwhile you keep having bullsh*t limited dlc and editions deals that other stores wont get .

DudeJets3373d ago

I sell you a pill to make you chill limited edition must pre order though

Baka-akaB3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

I dont even need to chill as i aint even angry there , there is no GAME store even remotely close to my area , not even in my country , pal .

I just find them "awesome" after a few cases , and reading about the Last Story bs they pulled .

r1sh123372d ago

I pretty much agree,
they try to get those silly deals where if you pre-order call of duty you get 4 hours double xp etc..
But when it comes to many games they dont have enough in stock.
The number of times its happened to me when Ive wanted a new game from them is a complete joke.
They seem to be focusing on over pricing used games because thats a larger profit margin for them.
I remember I returned a scratched copy of assassins creed revelations (brand new) - and the store manager was talking to an assistant saying the store is failing on meeting the expected numbers.
So far 3 of 5 games I have purchased new have had to be returned due to faulty discs. Seems to happen with them more than any other retailer Ive used.

r1sh123372d ago

YE, Ive recently signed up to lovefilm.

@THESONYPSy - UK/England, Im not sure if Game operates in Ireland.

jony_dols3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Just to confirm that GAME do operate in Ireland. And what a rip-off they are.

I was strapped for cash there last week, and decided to trade in the 'ol PS3. They offered me €60 for my launch PS3 60GB trade-in. I laughed in the guy's face, walked 2 minutes up the road into HMV and got €125 for it instead.

StraightPath3372d ago

never go there lovefilm unlimited rentals ftw.

Ness-Psi3372d ago

i would go with shop or amazon if buying games online in the uk or if you still want to go out and get your game in person your best bet is one of the big supermarkets (asda, sainsbury, morrisons) and they are usually cheaper too.

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-GametimeUK-3373d ago

Shame :-(
I actually have supported GAME for many years and have been a very loyal customer. I have actually just finished working for them over the Christmas period. I just don't have any desire to pick up anything from there since I can purchase elsewhere online.

I used to like the social atmosphere of going in to get games from a retail store, but it doesn't feel the same these days.

I recently went in to a local Gamestation (which is under the GAME umbrella) with a buddy whilst he went to pick up MGS collection for his PS3 on LAUNCH day and there was no PS3 versions in stock. We went Tesco as an alternative and picked it up and it was industry sealed yet had 2 copies in it. We just took one each haha... but I digress. It's a shame to see retail stores suffer such a big hit and it is clearly having a huge impact.

Thepcz3373d ago

when you are a games retailer who can no longer stock games, its time to piss off and get out the industry

caseh3372d ago

To be honest its about time someone gave GAME a b*tch slap.

They ruined any high street competition for years by buying out the competition then marking up the prices in all stores so its irrelevent, Game/Gamestation are effectively the same.

Yah, they have issues stocking certain titles, despite the fact all they have to stock is GAMES. I'm sure I wouldn't have any issues picking up Zumba 2 though or some other piece of turkey sh*t.

GraveLord3373d ago

This is in the UK right? Looks like people need to find a new store to shop at.

SlaytanicBacon3373d ago

Game is becoming the UK equivalent of Gamestop D:

Raf1k13372d ago

Game really isn't that good TBH. Gamestation is better even though it's owned by Game.

r1sh123372d ago

or if anyone remembers electronic boutique. I think EB still exists in the USA - but in the UK it closed down many years ago.
I stick with Online retailers, who have plenty of games in stock and the ones I use, usually deliver games at least 1 day before release date.

caseh3372d ago


I'm fairly certain it was EB who bought out GAME years ago then they adopted the GAME brand over their own. Then Gamestation surfaced and to begin with they were absolutely amazing, GAME realised they had competition and bought em out.

I guess we should be pissed at EB really but its all about brandnames these days so its all GAME's fault. :)

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