Dillon's Rolling Western rolls onto the 3DS eShop

As part of the Nintendo Direct event, Nintendo has announced the surprise release of Dillon's Rolling Western, a new download for the 3DS eShop (first revealed at Nintendo Direct last year). The game stars the armadillo cowboy -- a cowboy who is also an armadillo, not an armadillo herder -- named Dillon, who defends poor towns in traditional gunslinger style. Except he doesn't use a gun at all, actually, preferring to roll his way to victory. Rolling Western features tower defense gameplay, in which Dillon must collect resources and repel the invasion of evil rock monsters -- monsters who are also rocks, that is, not Osbournes -- the Grocks.

About that surprise release: it's today, a full day before the usual Thursday eShop update. You can snag Dillon's Rolling Western for $10. If you're still on the fence, we'll have a Portabliss on it later today.

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