( Jak and Daxter: What is your favorite game in the trilogy? writes:

"Ten years may have passed since the release of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, but the arrival of the HD Collection has brought happy memories flooding back to the team at PSU Towers."

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TenSteps3370d ago

Jak 2 as well

Daxter: Say something... Just this once.

in retrospect I laugh at that line because back then I didn't play the first game so I never knew that Jak was a silent protagonist back then.

coolbeans3370d ago

Agreed. It's funny to think I used to worry if ND would later ditch the silent protagonist route, since that was in the comedic rotation in the first one. They hit it out of the park with the voice of Jak imo.

Cajun Chicken3370d ago

"I'm gonna KILL Praxis."


Sharingan_no_Kakashi3370d ago

Jak 3 definitely. I actually thought Jak 2 was the worst.

LiamIRL823370d ago

The first one is the best, the other 2...not so much.

Son_Lee3370d ago

The first one has an undeniable charm, but they are all great. Replaying Jak II, and wow that game is fucking hard!! Playing Jak 3 for the first time and I must say it's fantastic, as well.

Lucreto3370d ago

Jak 1 was my favourite. Jak 2 was okay but I will be getting a collection soon so I will give it another go.

ChiVoLok03370d ago

Jak 2 has the best memories but I gotta say for me it's Jak 3

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