Gamekult review: Syndicate

It's a failed comeback for Syndicate, in the form of a dull and mediocre FPS. Fans of science fiction and gunfights will enjoy the game's cyberpunk ambiance and its few gameplay "twists", but for the most part this is closer to a game like Bodycount than to Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
Sleep-inducing action, average technical qualities and flaccid design, Syndicate fails on nearly all counts and doesn't come equipped to find its place in a competitive genre.
Another proof that invoking legends of the past can be perilous.

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Grimhammer003523d ago

I sincerely hope that this is poor translation.

The game is very good. Far better than a 4/10.
Co-op alone is fun!

More like a 8/10., in my opinion.

Ulf3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Don't click the article. These guys have NO idea what makes a good game.

They rate things based on how close the game is to their perceived ideal game, rather than what the game actually is, and how fun it is. This score means "only 4 of 10 parts match our dream game that doesn't exist, and isn't this game or any other game", rather than "A 4/10 game experience."

The game IS good, as the shooter it is, even if it wasn't the 20 year-old RTS revamp that the journalist wannabes at Gamekult were "expecting" (despite all the press stating that it was never going to be such a thing).

These guys write the review on the day they HEAR about a game, not the day they actually PLAY it, and criticize it when it doesn't meet their imaginary goals.