Remedy Entertainment: 'Industry not ready for episodic gaming'

The games industry isn't ready for episodic gaming, according to Remedy Entertainment.

The Alan Wake developer said that users aren't prepared to consume games like television and want it all right away.

"In terms of episodic delivery, I just don't think that we're there yet as an industry, that you know, gamers are ready to consume video games on a weekly basis," head of franchise development Oskari Häkkinen said.

"To get the latest episodes like they do with TV. I think they want it all right here, right now."

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Nozzle3367d ago

Even though they said that AW would continue after it came out as a TV series getting more episodes.

I mean they had all those plans for the DLC, then when the game came out they suddenly decided not to do it and only released two DLCs, probably the DLCs they had already started working on. If AW sales were better and it pleased MS, they would of went along with the episode DLCs and this interview would never exsist.

It's the reason why i don;t understand why American Nightmare exsists when they said no to more DLC episodes for AW.

beastlysensation3366d ago

its ok. This is because alan wake is a console game and console gamers arent ready. We PC gamers were ready for wake 2 years ago and are ready now. Give it to us, screw MS and their casual audience.

Hicken3366d ago

That doesn't make any sense. Really, it doesn't. But keep on believing it, if it makes you feel any better.

_Aarix_3366d ago

Why did beastlysensations comment make me laugh so hard?

TheKindRoost3366d ago

Yes it is and has always been. Just need to make it right like Siren blooddcurse :diff characters per episodes with their own ways of dealing with the situation.

raytraceme3366d ago

i really enjoyed alan wake. I think the episodic content would work if it went on a weekly basis like a regular tv show. However with something like alan wake i don't think an episodic theme really went with it. Alan wake is similar to heavy rain in the way emotions played in the game. This type of genre NEEDS more games.

SKUD3366d ago

They though we were however ready for in-game ads?. Pffffffft.