One thing the Xbox 720 should not be...

GameZone writes, "Some are predicating the Xbox 720 to be a console that offers updated graphics but no new features. Can you even call that a "new" console?"

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DarkSniper3362d ago

If Microsoft expects to have any success with their next console, they will need to continue the momentum of Xbox Live. Xbox Live is extremely critical to the progress of Microsoft's journey to the next generation. With the proper enhancements to their online infrastructure, Microsoft could potentially see early success with their next console. Microsoft would be wise to shift Halo 4 from Xbox 360 development to their new platform.

What the Nextbox does not need to be is a copycat of PlayStation. Early in this curent generation, Microsoft's strategy was to lure any and all PlayStation exclusives by any means necessary supplemented by the almighty dollar. With their next console, Microsoft will need to establish their own identity with their own library of first party exclusives that are unique to their system.

In all honesty, Dark Sniper doesnt see any of this happening anytime soon for Microsoft. But only time will tell if he is right or wrong.


Action GO FIGURE3361d ago

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Always loving your comments... bubble up! :D :D

darthv723361d ago

Not to worry DarkSniper. Darthv72 feels strongly in MS's continued efforts to take live to the next generation. Their committed to making it a part of their mobile strategy as well as pc strategy.

What Darthv72 thinks the 720 should not be is a single purpose entertainment platform. Meaning that it stay in the household as a center console. It needs to be more diverse in the sense that it can serve the purpose of a console when home but also serve as a portable/mobile solution for on the go.

We are in an age where we are seeing what once was the technical arena for large complex boxes now being replaced by smaller thinner devices that can be cost effective and dynamic in content access.

Price is the only question mark but if it can be backed by quality content providers from a sponsorship pov it could help to offset the development costs.

tee_bag2423361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

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What's with all the talking about ourselves in 3rd person??
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k-dillinger3361d ago

i dunno about if it will be as successful they need to have a strong grip on the U.S market to have any hopes of winning w/w and it looks like japan wont support it next gen in Europe is Sony land and if price is right for ps4 then it wont have the lead there so they would really have to destroy Sony in America to have a fighting chance

Godmars2903361d ago

If MS are smart instead of greedy XBL will support the Nextbox instead of the other way around which is what happened this gen. They put tons of effort into getting things like Netflix, but then they became the 2nd/3rd Netflix venue for the simple fact a Gold account was required before non-gamers could subscribe to Netflix.

DeadlyFire3361d ago

Undoubtedly they will have a Halo title for launch. Not sure if it will be 4 or some other side quest, but either way bringing Halo into the gaming front on next generation should be essential for them.

I personally would like to see this new generation support Dedicated servers and give players the option to run them. Games are getting bigger and bigger and players playing on peer to peer with small bunches of people is not going to last forever. I am certain I am not the only one that wants to see 32, 64 player lag free games.

A player run pub/dedicated server on a PC. Admin can kick, slap, mute, ban. Whoever he/she pleases in the server. Why not give console players more power over enjoying their games.

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hazardman3361d ago

This is a misleading story and makes no sense. The Xbox720 will be great, Xbox Live is their bread and butter and should continue improving on the next console. I think that Kinect 2 will be very important for them too. I think you will see developers work on Kinect 2 Only exclusives, which will be the push it needs. And I hope the launch games are as good as the Xbox 360 or BETTER!!!

TheUnbiasedLion3361d ago

The xbox 720 will be great!

Can you tell me the lottery numbers next week since you can see into the future?

Everything is speculation only m$ knows what m$ is doing.

cstyle3361d ago

Another pointless article.

Whore_Mouth3356d ago

I do agree with the idea that "new" meaning just updated graphics is kind of a step backward for the next gen platform. I would say new hardware and peripherals, as well a new way to play would be in order for the compared to the universe of technology that is available to us for entertainment and beyond.

Though on the flip side of this is the manufacturing cost. The implement a GPU that would only update the graphics would cost a lot less to have included. With the flow of the console war as it is, cost is an invaluable weapon to have on your side.

I have read a rumor based on info released from AMG. The GPU will allow 1080p, 3D, and ridiculous sound quality.