Wii Enters a More Serious Market

I've been intrigued by the games that are apparently coming out for Nintendo's Wii-U console. Nintendo Gamer recently published an article listing 22 titles that are basically confirmed. It's taken my interest because the titles clearly show that Nintendo wants to break into the same kinds of markets that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are enjoying – the more traditional gaming market. And publishers are keen to support them.

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ChickeyCantor3362d ago

"serious market"
What does that even mean? All I can think of are things like Educational and viral purposes.

LX-General-Kaos3362d ago

Its pretty obvious that they mean there will be more mature games for the nintendo platform. 3rd party devs will be bringing the samy type of content that is already available for nintendos rivals. I dont know how you completely thought around that.

kesvalk3362d ago

i thought the same thing... every market is serious...

the article maker needs a new vocabulary...

ChickeyCantor3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

"serious" doesn't mean "mature-content".
I'm questioning their logic.

A game like brain-training is also serious, don't you think?

And I agree with Kesvalk.
All markets are "serious" for moniiiies.

W0nderer3361d ago

Its written in the context of Wii been seen as a casual platform, for casual gaming. That does not mean casual gamers aren't serious about it.

Its just a different way to differentiate between gamers.

Play2Win3362d ago

Imo if if want mature Games I dont buy a Wii. This is nothing against Wii. But I think of fun games according to Wii

maniacmayhem3362d ago

The Wii missed out on a lot of key titles this generation. But still managed to be the winner in the great console war.

I'm hoping the WiiU will bring that something extra from 3rd parties plus the great Nintendo games we all know and love to bring the Big N back to its dominance of the SNES days.

Give me a proper Starfox and a Mario Kart with the changes I've repeatedly posted on other stories and I will definitely support this system.

MurDocINC3362d ago

One thing im really looking forward to is playing FPS with DS FPS control scheme on the tablet. Touchscreen to aim, stick to move around and dpad+triggers for actions. Anyone who play a FPS on DS knows what im talking about. Its as close to keyboard/mouse I have seen.

yabhero3362d ago

WiiU has 2 joysticks so you wouldn't need to do that...

matey3362d ago

What people forget is Nintendo havn't had the pleasures of powerful hardware this gen so lets see what Nintendo do with there HD console.

WiiU so far what do we know

WiiU GPU was equal to a HD4850 in its 1st stage.

WiiU GPU in its most current stage is considerably more powerful so more powerful than a HD4850 that is 70% more powerful than Rumoured 720 GPU,and 720 has been rumoured a few times in different magazines to have a moderate GPU DONT ASK 4 LINKS AS ITS 100% TRUE GOOGLE IT.

Its tablet controller along with officially better Graphics than 720 and better Online than LIVE with more Big surprises to come that will make fanboys jelous there words straight from developers im excited to say the least.