Homefront Ultimate Edition Box Art Revealed

THQ has published the box art of recently announced Ultimate Edition of Homefront.

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Raiz2429d ago

Homefront was not good at all... then why the hell THQ is releasing Ultimate Edition of Homefront... i guess they need some $$$$ to fund their upcoming projects.......lolzz....

bumnut2429d ago

I can't believe I bought the hype! (and the game). I should have known it would be bad after playing frontlines.

BX812429d ago

The graphics looked like crap and MP was fun for a minute.... a quick minute.

Crazyglues2429d ago (Edited 2429d ago )

Yeah MP was fun for a minute, but they didn't feed it like they should have... could have been really hot..

more maps, more guns -needed better feel on vehicles and Add more game types - too bad too because they had some really cool stuff, like the feel of the shooting the pacing -could have been a real contender to COD and BF3

-But the SP graphics was awful, if it had amazing graphics on SP this could have did over 4 million + copies... -because gun feel was nice, the play mechanics were there... Gun sound could have been much better, you would be surprised at how big that is..

they could have made something special...

Well Crytek is on Part 2 so let's see what they do with it. Might still have a shot at rolling with the big dogs.


Raiz2429d ago

i am hoping wonders from Crytek on Homefront 2.. have full faith on CRYTEK that they won't let their fans fans... but still keeping my finger CROSS....

BX812428d ago

Wow crytek? Part 2 could look great. I thought the story line was pretty good but the way it was amped up lead me to think much more of the game. I will say this, it has a good base so I'm expecting much more from part 2.

Skate-AK2429d ago

It's like $23 on PSN for the game and all the DLC.

eyeDEVOUR2428d ago

well i got the game really cheap a month not buy if you expect to play mp...ive logged in about 5 times now and not a single person was playing the game....was really looking forward to it to since it looks alot like mag.....atleast there wasnt anyone online on my ps3 version tho i cant say about the other platforms.....

urwifeminder2428d ago

Its very much still alive on 360 lots of japenese players for some reason, most players are top rank and you get smashed still its a good bit of quick fun in small doses.