Has Sony's Marketing Strategy for the PS3 been Perpetually Flawed?

Game Guru writes, "There is not much to think about when it comes to the PS3. It goes a long way of enforcing the fact that next generation has finally arrived. Blu-ray, the powerful Cell processor, visually appetizing games."

"No matter how appetizing a delicacy may taste, it's presentation holds important points to the consumer, and that is exactly where Sony faltered."

"Sony underestimated the power of Microsoft and Nintendo at the beginning of this generation as well. They had a pre-conceived notion that with its early launch would meet the same fate as the original Dreamcast and well Nintendo was no competition. With the mixed reviews the Wii was already getting prior to release they went on pompously to declare they were the winners already."

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unsunghero284731d ago

The PS3 itself is a fantastic piece of hardware- the only problem is that it was supplemented by what could be argued as the worst marketing campaign in the history of gaming.

The recent PS3 ads have changed that in my opinion, and I'm sure the slew of great titles next year will go a long way to up sales. But that doesn't change the fact that Sony let their success with the PS2 get to them, and now they're paying the price.

TANOD4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

2008 and beyond are certainly years where SONY has massive advantage thx to their exclusive big hitters like FF13,FF13 versus, MGS4 and GT5

as i have said earlier in some of my posts for the first time SONY has met Resistance but even then arguement fails since PS3 IS ON COURSE to HIT 9 M within the next 2 weeks

PS3 would be as big/bigger success than PS2

new gamers in INDIA and CHINA would contribute to even a bigger base for PS3 in its lifetime

prunchess4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Surprise, surprise BLOODMASK "the contributor" trawls the net and finds another article criticising SONY. How many is that today now?

TANOD4731d ago

Bloodmask,RoundPeg,Tns,BloodyS inner,predator,blazin prophet---these people always post and approve anti SONY news .

they always post FLAMEBAIT articles . yet no action is taken against them

On the other hand you have neutral posters like Meus, MK,jcgamer,deep --who never post/approve FLAMEBAIT topics

Marceles4731d ago

I think their marketing was flawed at the beginning, but they're really shaped up since then. If they advertised now like they did at the beginning, then things may or may not have been as bad. That baby commercial was just stupid...I also still don't like the end of the commercials with the dark gloomy sound at the end, and I wish they would change it to the chime when you first start a game on the PS3...or at least put the chime at the beginning. I agree with PSWe60 at the bottom...we can all agree PS3 had a bad beginning but they're picking up the pace now. And seriously Bloodmask and Round Is this an Indian website? How do you find this stuff???

prunchess4731d ago

I'm hitting this site every day for the last six months or so and as much as I can't remember what is written Bloodmask and The round peg's posts are just inflammatory crap.

I agree with you about Meus Renaissance I do enjoy reading his posts.

I’ve posted this on another thread to BLOODMASK – I would be more interested in reading your previous posts on these threads than just a list of the articles you contribute.

alfredoggy4731d ago

I've noticed that whenever Wal-Mart sends out its mailers, they never have any mention of PS3; only X360 and Wii. Has any one else noticed this?

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Meus Renaissance4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

I read the article and can't find how their points have anything to do with marketing. It's presented as a damning, yet factual, summary of Sony's launch of the console but every little negative stems back to the price point in my opinion, and I'm sure most would agree. Even with Microsoft's software library for the Xbox 360, no way could it be justified at $599 even with Halo-like advertising, so how can the PlayStation 3, with no stellar titles or recognised major franchise titles for launch, be accepted at such a price point? It cannot. No console can be.

Ofcourse Sony took a decision long before the launch to incorporate the technology into their machine, believing that as market leader, it was their responsibility to innovate and make decisions - that for lesser brands would deem "risky" - that would ultimately lead to critical acclaim from the industry. Despite that, they made the error of assuming the average consumer or even average gamer would understand the advantages of the console from that technological viewpoint and thus invest into it. One year has passed and I'm sure several SCE board members are furious with Mr Kuturagi's decisions with the hardware of the console that defined the price at launch even though it was selling better than Microsoft's console during its first year - as they're so used to dominating.

It attained a reputation of being just a "hype machine", with nothing to showcase for that technological edge Sony was touting over its competitors and frankly the Xbox 360 solidified itself as value for money because of this. Go to forums and some people still have the same mentality "the PS3 isn't worth it", although that is changing somewhat and will change dramatically by this time next year.

But regardless, damage has been done, and no amount of marketing (in terms of educating the consumer, as Sony say, with advertisements about Blu-Ray) would be effective and the proof was the sales. Only when they dropped the price did the console start to sell respective figures. The difference between it and the Xbox right now, is just perception. It needs to shake it off like dust and get back into its groove. And that can only be changed by an influx of AAA exclusives and aggressive advertising and commercialising. The console wars are far from over.

fresco4731d ago

If people are willing to pay 600 dollars for a phone/ipod, why not an hd/game system all in one media device?
Apple could justify it through PR & Marketing, why couldn't Sony?

Meus Renaissance4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

You can't compare the two. But iPhone will still be outsold by other brands because of the price difference, like Nokia, Samsung etc.

TANOD4731d ago

even 2007 is looking good for PS3 as well.

The PS3 is now projected to reach 9m units worldwide by the end of this month.

That is an amazing feat indeed

we will see if any game can even dare to stack up against FF13,MGS4 and GT5 next year

Uncharted and HS are new IPs...despite that they did quite well. HS especially topped the charts of SPain,Germany, Italy and Asutralia on its launch week.

Uncharted is selling decently as well. It is selling very well in Europe

actas1234731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

I really don't think we should worry about Sony. Sony is like a volcano when it erupts it eats everything.. So Sony is very solid I guess is the core of my point here.. Any ways... Many say that Sony products are overpriced(except for the PS3), but I say its because they are very well built and many people out there are more than willing to pay an extra 50 or 100 dollars for the better quality.. Sony TVs for example have proven to be the best Tvs quality wise in the whole world. I don't know how this suckers do it, but it works damn fine.. They(the TVS) are used in Hollywood, NCAA,DNA, BAAA, GFL, NFL u name it, even there is a commercial says Samsung is the official TV of the NFL, Still, the NFL uses Sony TVs but you know NFL made a deal w/Samsung for the ads cash...
Now the PS3 is well built, worth every penny you pay for it, and now it has many great games. Its going to kill the competition. The only problem will be in America where you have the salesman bias.. So people should just go to the store get their PS3s and get the hell outa of there.. Because If they ask the saslesmen who are most probably xbox fans they'll end up getting the wrong system, and getting screwed by MS again.. (the first time with vista)

go0se4731d ago

Well I don't know if any of you know but Sony and Samsung use the exact type of parts in their tvs.

DJ4731d ago

SCE's got their act together, so no worries.

Meus Renaissance4731d ago is filled with PlayStation 3 articles, recently with negative submissions a rarity. The entire industry will be watching Sony next year, and this reflects that.

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